About your first game you played

Hey guys. What’s your first game played? Mine is a game among many mobile games , maybe it’s been “Hay Day”, related to Facebook. 
What about you? 

  • The first game I ever played was a very nice learning game where you had to combine pictures with their corresponding words. The words started out simple like f.eks. "Cop" and "Cup" , and then slowly got harder and harder as you progressed in levels. 

    The fun part about it was that you had a little character like in Super Mario today that ran around in the level, where you picked a card (all with backside up) you got a word and all the cards where then flipped to show the pictures corresponding to all the words on the level. If you failed by picking a wrong picture it would summon a monster that slowly follow you and attack you. But you have a defense (like an amount of retry) where you could summon some anti slime then unsummoned the monster. You naturally did not have an endless amount of the anti slime and eventually you would get killed by your fallers and wanted to learn what you did wrong. 

  • Pong from a wood cabinet enclosed machine with 2 plastic (could have been Bakelite) dials as controls hooked up to a TV. This was in the 80s, the machine was bought by my Grandfather from a Jumble Sale I think because he did that and fixed electronics like this machine

  • When I was ~6 years old I was offered a "Super Mario Land" for Gameboy. The only issue was that I didn't have a Gameboy so I only played that game 1 year after I got it :D

  • It was an amazing football game called ran/actua soccer. They didn't have the license to use the real names of the players but that didn't effect the fun at all. Playing against a friend was exceptionally fun, good memories.

  • Some learning game from some keyboard-like console connected to a TV, The first actual video game I played was Crash Team Racing.

  • Super Mario Bros 2 on the OG Gameboy still have it somewhere. Though the leaking lead acid from old AA battteries have ruined it. 

  • My first memories are of Sonic on the megadrive and Super Mario 3 on the NES, I forget which was first.

    Before that I have vague memories of the commodore 64, god knows what games though.

  • Pretty sure my first game was Pokémon Yellow Edition. I remember the first gym leader giving me quite some trouble when I first played it.

  • The first game I ever played was Pong.   That tells you about my age