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Former M.

They usually start playing with nothing to do, the continuation is driven by a thirst for profit, and as a result we have dependence.

  • I'm mildly confused. What do you want to tell us?

  • Sounds like he's blaming someone for gaming being enjoyable?

    Game devs see they games as art, its a creation they want to make people enjoy. Us enjoying it and becoming dependent as you call it can be as simple as games aren't as mundane as everyday life. You get to live adventures and fantasy that will never be real.

  • I have a feeling this is more of a post to enter the Legion competition than it is anything substantive... That's the one downside of having a competition that requires posts on the forum - it can devolve into cryptic troll-posts real quick.

    But anyway, if we want to analyze it, sounds to me like he's talking about drugs Joy

  • Looks like another bot post.....

    There are a few users around that leaves really dubious bot-style posts, as though a chatbot has grabbed whatever relevant content  they can find from Google.

    I hope the mods can get rid of this and help facilitate actual discussion before it gets out of hand  Unamused