Does anyone know any good non-violent FPS games?

It's probably because of the "Shooter" part of "First Person Shooter" but the FPS genre tends to be one that is traditionally dominated by some form of violence. I was just wondering if anyone has found and played any good non-violent FPS games?

  • Portal?  That's pretty non-violent but not sure it counts as an FPS game. Slime Rancher maybe? I think inevitably an FPS is going to involving shooting something at someone.

  • Definitely Fashion Police Squad

    It's a doom-style FPS, but you're shooting good fashion sense into people instead of bullets Smiley

    Its dumb, its funny but it's honestly a really solid fps experience with some unique mechanics and solid boss fights.

  • This looks hilarious! Definitely a unique idea. Thanks.

  • I've to say Portal is a good option, you definitely should try it ^^

    Other than that I can recommend you Minecraft, there are lots of mods and servers satisfying the FPS category. 

  • Yes. “Minecraft” is a very good option as a game to play. Another example could be “Animal Crossing “, where your island getaway has a wealth of natural resources that can be used to craft everything from tools to creature comforts. You can hunt down insects at the crack of dawn, decorate your paradise throughout the day, or enjoy sunset on the beach while fishing in the ocean!

  • For VR I would suggest Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades. That has target practice and playing around with guns. You can use it without ever killing someone, although there is the option to fight huge hot dogs.

  • Lmao, that one is fabulous! Laughing

    Belt serving as a swinging rope is a brilliant mechanic lol. I love the music, too. Gonna give it a shot.

  • A completely non-violent FPS is hard to find. I mean, even Portal involves some violence (against the machines, man!), but admittedly that was my first thought as well.

    I guess some less violent FPS games might be Journey to the Savage Planet or We Happy Few. Both of these games involve violence, but it doesn't seem to be the intensely gory kind (but don't quote me on this because they're still on my never-ending "still-to-play" list. You could also play the Deus Ex games in a completely non-violent way (that's actually an achievement for some of them). There's also Prey, which is pretty dark and violent, but the DLC Mooncrash only features some violence against aliens and can actually be played (and beaten) without killing anything.

  • I agree, it’s difficult to find an fps without any form of violence at all, although there are a few that don’t actually involve weapons in the normal sense, eg roller derby dodgeball type games. For younger players, penko park and pokemon snap only use cameras to ‘shoot’ with.