Which Games/Series/Books *Didn't* you want to finish?

With The cold weather of January seemingly never-ending, there has been more time to catch up and complete some games and books in my backlog. Some were frustrating, others proved satisfying, and a few left me wanting more. 

But it got me thinking. Which games, books, films or TV series, for whatever reason, did you *NOT* want to Finish. Perhaps you wanted more of the character, or needed to see how a story developed. Or maybe it was a 180 situation, where you felt the game was cut prematurely (looking at you, Halo 2), or a protagonist made a decision that didn't fit with their established character for a contrived ending (too many to mention. But obviously including the Game of Thrones TV series). 

As an example, here are my personal top 3, but I shall be deliberately non-specific so as not to spoil potential enjoyment.

3). Shadow of The Colossus

An experience where you in addition to an ever-growing list of hardships to overcome, you find a deeper mystery. While the ending on its own has a reason for not wanting 'This' to be the final chapter (and this is very much a case of if you know, then you know), the factor which made me not want to finish the game was the setting.

The Forbidden Lands are full of structures, ruins, and shrines. Some are overgrown, others buried in sand, and others loom large even now. Who were the people who built them, and what happened to their civilization? What link does our ancient sword hold to this unknown past? And why are there forces determined to stop us from knowing? Sadly, the title screen brings a close to this world. (I still cannot recommend it enough. and pro tip, Stand next to Agro, and press the Square button to pet him.)

2). Oxenfree.

You know sometimes you have a day where you do everything right, by the book, and still, you end up having something terrible occur? Now extrapolate that out to a cosmic level, and you have the Dilemma of Oxenfree. You won't want to finish, as the maxim "at least it can't get any worse" is disproved time and time again.

And Time And Time Again.

And Time And Time Again.

Oops, I seem to have gotten caught in a loop there! Grimacing

1). Subnautica.

A game I almost skipped entirely. I had read it was 'Underwater Minecraft' (a completely false assertion, btw). Stranded on an Alien Planet, your goal is to find a way back home.

Discovering ages-old mysteries, deep lore, and a varied and fascinating range of life.

Planet 4546B feels like an infinite well full of secrets just begging to be discovered. After the initial urge to discover a way off the world, I had an innate desire to stay and learn here. Yet all the game wanted me to do was fly away. 


Not a game I have played yet, but on my list to play next. 2 of my friends have told me it gets rough. And that's from a game that starts off horrifically (from an emotional point of view). 

So now you've read my choices why not share yours. And not only what and why, but has there ever been a piece of media you have outright refused to finish, and why? 

  • Ever since most AAA games became these huge open world games with a bunch of useless time wasting things to do I mostly don't finish them.

  • Ever since most AAA games became these huge open world games with a bunch of useless time wasting things to do I mostly don't finish them.

  • That's how I feel too lately. Can't even remember which game I enjoyed and finished to the end.