Do you consider RGB important?

Is really cool to watch but it also could be annoying/ distractive (mostly for laptops since you may need to use it in a public place like the library). Also for laptops it means more power consumption. How do you feel about it?

  • I always switch off any RGB that I can. I don't do streaming, no need for anything fancy in front of the camera, so it's just a waste of power for me. Plus, my PC does not have transparent side (tempered glass), it's closed, so anything glowing inside of it is hidden away from my eyes anyways. I also switch off the mouse RGB, it prolongs the battery life. Shrug

  • I don't mind it on my L7 but turn it off when I am using it for work on the road. It's easy enough to do that even if you aren't on battery in quiet mode. As for power consumption, the same applies to desktops and with my gaming rig I do disable the RGB on the motherboard and GPU because it's a non-windowed case. So no point having it on and putting a slight extra load on the PSU for nothing.

  • I agree sometime it is nice for peripherals but a lot of the time I find it annoying, my keyboard has some moving rgb effects that I disabled for a static pattern, I like it more like that when it's not distracting.

  • Apart from backlighting on a keyboard RGB has zero use. Unless you are building a themed PC it really shouldn't be a major consideration when purchasing parts. I recently did a new build and my pc is positively pulsing with RGB paraphernalia but I didn't buy the parts for the RGB it just happened to come along on the parts I needed. And I don't even see most of it from where I am sat. I put the lighting on the front fans to good use by setting them to glow green through yellow to red depending on how hot the CPU or GPU is so that I can see from a distance whether a component is stressed or overheating or a cooler has gone kaput, which is genuinely quite useful but apart from that all the other twinklies are switched off. In fact all the aRGB wiring is a cable management nightmare and trying to get all the different components to play nicely with each other through various different proprietary software interfaces is a total PITA

  • not at all... at times it might even be a nuisance. I do have some RGB stuff in my current build and I'll probably go back to black and black next time.

  • Never had it before current pc, looks nice when it's on but I never pay any attention to it when gaming so it is a bit wasteful for the extra cost in that regard. When I'm not using my pc but it is still on looks nice and lights up the room a bit too Slight smile so there is that!

  • I had PC lighting before it was cool Rofl

    Just some clear fans with blue LEDs in my OG PC. Personally I hate the dazzling rainbow puke most things are now. My Legion 5 just had white backlighting, but I turned it off, my A15 has one zone with effects but I set it to static red to go with my Doom wallpaper. My IETS GT500 has RGB, but that's off because it isn't functional, I bought it to keep my laptops cool. My mouse is pretty understated, it's a RoG mouse, only the wheel and the RoG logo light up, I have that red and as dim as it can go, cause battery life.

  • Absolutely not important. In fact it is a total waste of excess power on most systems as it's not efficient at all (e.g. Legion 7 laptops that use iCue) and literally double the normal power drain when you're on battery power. Absolutely hate the stuff and would prefer just standard backlighting on keyboards.

  • I used to have a Lenovo with a red backlit keyboard and it was actually kind of cool, although I can't say I'm too bothered that I don't have it anymore. It's cosmetic, and therefore at the end of the day, that doesn't matter to me. Like you mentioned, it takes more power and most lighting is really unnecessary anyway.

  • I usually turn it off as i find it annoying and i don't want to drain my battery to quick.