Do you consider RGB important?

Is really cool to watch but it also could be annoying/ distractive (mostly for laptops since you may need to use it in a public place like the library). Also for laptops it means more power consumption. How do you feel about it?

  • For me it's just a waste of money tbh. I really dislike that companies use it to advertise their products with it

  • I think that yes it can be nice such as a cosmetic thing, and enjoyable, above all if you use your PC for work or for games at night. But this is not worth it if you talk about the battery Sweat smileso it’s a thing that, if you can, you can do without !

  • No, I usually prefer buying electronics with as little RGB as possible, especially when it comes to laptops, because it is easy to forget turned on while on battery power

  • Agree with the consensus here that it’s not necessary and can be distracting. Unnecessary power consumption is bad for your battery drain, and the planet!

  • Important - no, not at all. I actually dislike the vast amount of RGB lighting that is used today on practically every PC element. It's distracting most of the time so I turn off every RGB lighting on devices or components that allow me to do that.

  • I am also one of those who don't really prefer the RGB to be switched on as I find it to be distracting. I always switch off whatever I can, but it's quite annoying when you can't switch it off and there's quite a few peripherals and GPUs that don't offer that.

  • I like the option to turn the off and or turn the to a single color instead of the disco show RGB in my eyes are. It is in my mind mostly for show off and without the mentioned option I would get tired of it fast. Imagine playing a game with a special mood and a disco show is going on next to you, simply no thanks.  

  • I see it more as a small gimmick. Nice to have but not a need

  • One potential advantage of RGB could be during summer months, when thunder bugs/thrips are attracted to monitors and end up dying between the backlight and screen LCD layer.  But it depends if the RGB can compete with a large LCD for grabbing their attention.