Which indie game do you recommend to play?

There are a lot of independent studios put there with innovative games and mechanics, have you experienced something that really call you attention or that you find fresh and different from other games?

  • I consider Vampire Survivors and Untitled Goose Game fresh and different, albeit you may already know them as they're not new.

  • I heard about “Undertale”, “Celeste”, “Gone Home”, “Fez” and “Stardew Valley “. Their genres vary from farming simulator, satirical genre, platformer , walking simulator and puzzle platformer. All they are remarkable a lot! 

  • Two indie games that I recently played and massively enjoyed were Death's Door (kind of like a low-key Dark Souls but cuter and definitely easier) and Kenshi, which is a bit older but staggeringly large and time-consuming and amazing. Kenshi would be the better of the two, but it can be a time-sink. Really enjoyed both of these games for multiple reasons, and I think they are very worth playing.

  • I would recommend INSIDE by Playdead. It is similar to Limbo or Little Nightmares and it has an interesting story and great visual style. I tried it when it was added to Game Pass just to see what it was and ended up enjoying it and completing it.

  • The Stanley Parable is a wonderfully disturbing game to play. It is a bit weird and often quite meta (a game about the psychology of gaming and game design - are you playing the game or is the game playing you?) People probably either get it and love it or don't get it and hate it. But I loved it.

  • Try out Melatonin, it's a super elaxing rythm game similar to the rhytm heaven games for nintendo consoles

  • I would say try out anythign that you usually don't play. Undertale was a great experience without knowing anything and not usually playing those type of games

  • Is Minion Masters considered an Indie title? I played that for a while and enjoyed it until I got too involved in a guild who got toxically competitive. That and the balancing wasn't great at times after they started releasing too many new cards that were overpowered as a way to make money.

  • I would recommend Ori games if you have never played them before. There are two Ori games right now (Ori and the Blind Forest, Ori and the Will of the Wisps), but both games are beautiful, interesting to play, have an awesome soundtrack and a very emotional story. 

  • Some high rated games are 

    The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth
    Hollow Knight 
    Vampire Survivors
    Papers, Please
    hotline Miami