Game releases

There are over 200 game titles planned for release this year! Is this overload, and just too much choice (and cost), or can there never be enough?

  • I'd rather have  a lower amount of game releases each year but higher qulity games and less copy paste Ubisoft stuff

  • There is nothing wrong with larger number of game releases as long as quality follows too. At least we have a greater number of genres and franchises to choose from since not everyone likes every game. Unfortunately, at least half of those 200 will probably be not worth of playing as many games are just money grabs with no substance or quality.

  • If there is a big number of games then there is more to chose from. And having a bigger variety is always good.

  • There's only a few I'm interested in so far and I have the patience to wait until they are on sale on one or other platform before purchasing. Games are getting more expensive at release though, £70-80 is way too much especially when people are struggling to make ends meet. So yes while games are a luxury in reality, they are also an escape from the real world for most of us but this can be achieved relatively cheaply or free via giveaways. That escape should not cause extra debt. Gaming can be as addictive and life consuming as gambling in that sense. Especially if you get into the mindset of having to own every DLC that's released or in-game item that's behind a paywall too.

  • The number of games released isn't that important, you'll never be able to play all of them, what truly matters is how much free time and money you have. Thankfully on PC games are cheap and I have a list of games on Steam tha I haven't even tried yet because I don't have the time to go through all of them so I'm not too worried about games coming out.

  • I don't mind the massive number of games as it is great for choice but it does mean a lot of perfectly good games get missed out in the rush to the more heavily marketed AAA whales. And there just isn't enough time to play them all so you have to pick only a few games a year to really dedicate your time to. And games now seem to be run on a subscription style business model rather than a one off purchase so when a game has a massive player base one month then poor player numbers the next month because everyone has moved on to the next big thing then all support stops and the game dies.

  • the best games these days seem to be smaller indie ones that weren't announced anywhere in the first place :D

  • I hope that the quality mirrors the quantity. Honestly, it's great that more games are coming out, as long as they come in a variety of genres and actually have some depth in terms of gameplay and plot. Would love to see less of an emphasis on rogue-lites and indie pixel platformers and more of an emphasis on RTSs and games that take advantage of the latest hardware and look incredible. That's just me, though. I don't mind seeing good games come out, whatever the genre, and I think it's fantastic to see new developers from countries all around the world add their games to the mix.

  • Where did you get the 200 figure from? They'll certainly be a LOT more than 200 titles released this year, just like every year. Is it 200 Ubisoft games? 200 AAA FPS single player games?

    Ignoring the 200 figure, I don't really mind how many release. More games means more to play, and not everything will be for everyone. The more that release mean more competition and more variety for all, so no - I don't think there's too much choice personally.

  • That's a huge number but is doesn't bother me at all, choice is not a bad thing. Of course there'll be copy paste and low effort games but at least Sony is trying to limit it with they new policy towards publishers