Free Wallpaper - "Carbon Grid"

It's not an official one of course but something I knocked up in Photoshop earlier today while having some down time after a hectic night's work. It's available in 4K as a PNG here

 Low resolution preview of Carbon Grid

  • Can't see any other comments yet but I'd like to say good job and thanks! Pretty cool of you to devote some of the time out of your busy day to put create something for all of us on the forums! Have you had a chance to experiment with animated wallpapers like wallpaper engine?

  • Hi! Thank you for sharing your idea. It’s a great thing, good job! 
    It’s a cool project, something creative and different. 
    Well doneBlushBlush

  • The legion logo is so Nice. So futuristic 

  • Looks great. Thanks for sharingThumbsup

  • I may buy that application in the future, it's not really taking much time out of the day though as I use Photoshop to unwind or have some down time with mostly and that one was fairly easy to knock up using layers, rotation and scaling techniques. I'll do some more at some point

  • It's actually the previous logo from up until 2021, the new simplified one doesn't have the Y any more. I made it with that in mind as it suits older hardware

  • Awesome work, I like it! Really great when people share their talents with the community. I feel like you deserve some sort of forum prize or something... Upside down

  • Amazing AntikytherAGrinHearts

    Thanks for sharing your work with us, wallpapers are never enough hahaRelieved

  • Well done, thanks for sharing