It's time to announce the winner of February''s Legion 'Post of the Month' competition!

Congratulations to who created this amazing Legion-themed wallpaper and shared it on our community forums!

Anti has been an excellent long-term contributor to these forums, but his latest creative effort really takes the cake - and of course, the prizes too!

We love seeing the passion from our Legion members, so keep those insightful posts, fan art designs and overall fantastic contributions coming!

These sorts of posts are so helpful to us in improving your experience community, and ultimately making this website the best it can be. We've submitted DeliciousBacon's suggestions to our design team, and we'll hopefully see these suggested changes live on the website in the future. Remember, keep your feedback coming, folks!

As with all of our Post of the Month winners, Hugo has bagged himself a Legion Mousepad, H300 headset, and a nifty digital 'Post of the Month' community badge:

Think you've got what it takes to win next month's competition? Just get posting to be in with a chance to win! 

  • Congrats, the wallpaper is very pleasing to look at.

  • Thanks guys, never in a million years was I expecting this so it was definitely a pleasant surprise when I got the email

  • Congratulations. Well done!

  • Well done! Congratulations, the wallpaper is very nice and creative . I was thinking that it’s a great point creating and drawing wallpaper here too, and not just to be in a competition to win a PC! 

  • Congratulations! Your wallpaper is incredible tbf, it's inspired me to try make one too!

  • Congrats, well done. :)

  • Congratulations AntiKytherAGrin, your artworks are always sickHearts️️

  • Congrats! And keep those wallpapers coming (you know, if time and life allow it) - that was a really nice addition to the forum!