Your Dream Game

It's time for some creativity Smiley

Imagine the following situation:

You have been tasked with creating the next best-selling game and have absolute freedom in decision-making during its development. In other words, you have been given the opportunity to make your own dream game. You have a budget of one billion dollars/euros/pounds (whichever currency is closer to you), and you can choose to hire any AAA game developer or create your own team to develop the game. The only limitation is that it must be finished within 10 years.

What kind of game would you create? What genre would it be? How would it play, and what would make it so special?

Let's see what this community can come up with Smile

  • A RTS which is basically a cross of SC2 and C&C in either Mass Effect or The Witcher brands.

    Or expanding on that, SC2 meets Homeworld meets Mass Effect - an RTS set in the Mass Effect world with battles involving base and army management like SC2 but expandable outwards to entire planets and space in real time, instead of just being individual local battles.

  • Just give me a decent MMORP with long gameplay and i'm happy ngl

  • Total War Warhammer 40,000:  I would play much like Dawn of War 1 and Total War Warhammer does now. Part 1: Main planet, Part 2 The Major planets and part 3 the entire system.

    And in the end I would make a "Make your system" expansion where you could play in the system or use it as a graphic score board for tournaments in 40K   

    I would most likely pick Creative Assembly as they have made Total War Warhammer and it is a great success.  

    It would play like many people know Darn of War 1, but the player(s) have an option to pick their objective from a given range, much like 40K today has Tempest of War Card Deck and the players have the right to edit it before they start the game.  

  • A cross between Mass Effect and Elder Scrolls where you can go around different planets and complete side quests with random NPCs and factions and there is magic alongside high technology, the game would be fully moddable and all your choices would carry over in the next game and change all the side quests. Would be a huge endeavor but I would get lost in those games for...weeks? Months? I don't know, but it would be so awesome.

  • The best games of the past (say for e.g. The Witcher) in VR, in absolutely stunning graphics with none of the flaws whatsoever that VR games tend to have right now still.

  • Ah, mods... Those soak up time while experimenting. Some mods are total overhauls of the game, Elder Scrolls and Fallout series have had plenty of those.

    If you'd add some challenging combat and overwhelming bosses (Dark Souls like), I'd play that game too. Smile

  • Lol I dont know if I'd want something new, or just use the money to make devs make the games I wish they did.

    Nioh 3. A Code Veronica remake, followed by a sequel so we finally get a true ending to Umbrella.

    That said I do have ideas, but at the same time I enjoy playing games not making them.

  • Oh that's a tough one. I guess I would just like to play an old football manager type game with updated graphics. Even tho it might be extremely boring, due to good memories it just sounds like heaven to me. ;)

  • I have to say total war:the lord of the rings. Or a new the lord of the rings rts. 

  • I've actually thought about this quite a lot and although I have no idea which developer would make it best, I would want the game to include the following elements:

    • It would play mainly like an RTS with a full fly-around camera (think Black and White or Ground Control-style), but you can zoom into FPS mode and take control of individual units (like Call to Arms).
    • The setting would be sci-fi futuristic, but the game would feature about 12 very different "races" that have a multitude of units and different play styles (think Warhammer races, but Starcraft gameplay).
    • The story could center around some main characters, and the campaign would follow those characters. They would level up and progress RPG-style (like Warcraft 3 heroes), and there would be multiple turning point-type events that could change the plot and the eventual outcomes of the game.
    • There would not be a focus on base-building or resource gathering in battles, but that may happen on a larger campaign map (like the Total War series).
    • There would have to be a co-op campaign element to it as well, and maybe several different types of multiplayer game modes that center on the different features of the game (like a squad-based fps deathmatch OR an all out RTS battle).

    I actually started inventing all the ideas for the different playable units a long time ago, but then life happened and I never finished planning out the project, but it's always been in the back of my mind, so thanks for prying it from the depths there!