Diablo IV open beta starts tomorrow

You can already download the beta now to skip the queue tomorrow if you were not in the closed beta.  Can't wait to try it out Smiley

  • I said to myself: no need to play beta, because I will definitly not buy it anyway. 
    Well... my storage space is now 80 GB fuller...

  • I'm waiting for the final release to play it. Other people can deal with the bugs and the broken GPUs. Stuck out tongue

  • I hope your GPU surveys that. Reminds me of New World. ;)

    But seriously, can't wait to play it, thank you for your advice.

  • apparently it was only some nvidia card from gigabyte (not adhering to the frame limit during cutscenes).
    But I mean at this point you must always fear this happening with every new game on some card models...
    Always be wary about that and ready to alt+f4 immediately :D