Game Release Date megathread

This is a good one to bookmark, it contains a constantly updated list of upcoming titles on all platforms. From Gamesradar:

  • If only they had external links to each of the games on the list. It's a struggle to browse the list like this if we don't know the games.

    Plus, it would be more useful if it at least had genres, header images or anything with the title, and some filters to see only the things we're interested in. Shrug

  • Thanks for the link. Realy helpfull to manage upcoming game releases

  • Thanks, so many things got delayed last year and now this year is packed it's difficult to know what's coming out and when. Like I had no idea Puzzle Quest 3 is coming out soon I haven't thought of that franchise for like 10 years lol.

  • Woah, that is a really big list. Most of the names there I don't even recognize so it's a shame they didn't put links to the official website or some screenshot gallery there. Would've been much easier to check the games that interest us, like  mentioned.

    Either way, thanks for posting it Thumbsup

  • This is really useful actually, thanks! A central point for stuff like this from all platforms is really needed.

  • Gaming year 2023 looking good. But my backlog is to big. So much to play. Guess there also is a Easter sale gaming up as well Joy

  • That is very useful! Thanks for the link. PC Gamer also does a similar release date list, but of course it's only for PC games. That link is here for all the PC devotees:

  • Thanks for the link. Can't wait for some of those games to come out.Joy

  • Thanks, I was wondering if there is a complete list of all the games that are set to release this year. I am eagerly waiting for some of the games that were announced last year and hoping they won't be delayed further as quite a few have already been pushed back multiple times. Waiting for a game to release can be frustrating, but I understand that developers want to ensure that they release a high-quality product.