Tetris Movie

I was never a fan of Tetris, but really liked the style and content of the movie. Have you seen it? What do you think about gaming related movies like "Tetris", "Ready Player One" or "Gamer"?

  • Those are three very different movies, only really tied together by the connection to games. I haven't seen Tetris yet, but I love that they've tied it into the history and the relationship between the US and the Soviet Union. It looks like a very entertaining, if massively exaggerated, historical drama/comedy/thriller.

    Ready Player One, on the other hand, was a great movie, but more in the vein of sci-fi and fantasy than drama. Would love to see more movies like it, but I also feel like Hollywood wants to set limits on how 'nerdy' it gets.

    Gamer was my least favorite. Sure, the plot was loosely based around the concept of video games, but it was basically a soulless action movie. There were some fun scenes and it definitely didn't lack excitement, but those type of movies never really get too deep, so I can't say I'm a big fan.

    You also forgot to mention the Mario movie! Laughing

  • I guess no one here has seen the Mario movie yet. Wink Release was yesterday, wasn't it?

    Regarding "Gamer", I agree, it wasn't really too good, but considering it got published in 2009, at least it had a fresh concept.

  • have not seen this.ready player on was good memories.  But I really like the mortal kombat movies. Even some of them are very bad Rofl

  • Not interested in any of these or any films these days really at all.

    I do however want to see Mario Bros Slight smile

  • Tetris was really a casual game to play alone or with friends, is such a classic also thanks to his classic music theme. Let's see the final product when the film will come outGrin

  • Films based on video games have a history of being terrible but I have to admit Tetris has me intrigued. Can't be any worse than Pixels.

  • Ready Player One was pretty awesome i really enjoyed that. That is the crazy VR one right?

    Some gaming related movies aren't terrible, and others are diabolical. Prime example is the Resident Evil films. 1 & 2 were ok, pretty enjoyable, after that it was just shitty screen time for Mila. The more recent Welcome to Raccoon City film, was also ***. It crossed RE 1 & 2, when 2 takes place after 1. Also made the characters not like there actual character personalities. The Doom film was sorta based on 3, terrible film for the most part but cheesy enough to be enjoyable. Assassins Creed was a pretty well done film and overall couldn't complain. 

    I haven't seen Tetris, looks more like the story of how it came to be, so it could be alright, might not be my thing, might take the risk later on.

  • I didn't even know there was a Tetris movie, but I guess I'm about to go down a rabbit hole!

  • I haven't seen Tetris but from what I understand it is a satirical movie? That's what I heard and it may be wrong so I don't know. I have watched other video game movies in the past like Ready Player One, Free Guy and Jumanji, and while I enjoyed all the video game references and action scenes in those movies I can't say I liked anything else about them.

  • I've not seen Tetris yet but want to as it intrigues me even if it's not exactly historically accurate (if you can't be bothered reading on, few movies are but they are still enjoyable all the same)

    Game based films are always going to be divisive because the purists will pick the holes in the characters and plot lines claiming they ruin them, while anyone else would most likely just enjoy the film as the director and producer intended via their creative license. I liked the Resident Evil films again for what they are rather than being game accurate because they aren't which I'm all to aware of having played the games.

    The original Tomb Raider movies are a casing point, arguably they are action movies in their own right rather than faithfully following the game franchise narrative. Angelina though isn't a patch on Alicia in the newer film which is also far grittier and nearer the revamped game franchise too.

    Of the original 'game' movies TRON and War Games, only TRON really took hold of people's imagination back in the 80s and actually spawned some games rather than the other way round. You can for instance battle with the famous light cycles on Linux with Armagetron Advanced which looks and sounds relatively accurate to the film and is great fun in multiplayer or even just with AI players. However, TRON: Legacy wasn't anywhere near as good.

    Then there was the car crash that was the original Street Film in 1994 with Jean-Claude van Damme and Kylie Minogue, it was so bad it was good because of the level of cheese.

    So take all game films with a pinch of salt rather than expecting them to be anything like the games they are based on and you might actually enjoy them more.