Which type of chair would you recommend?

I was wondering If is better to purchase a gaming chair or just a normal desk chair.

I know quality is not always the best for gaming chair and some people prefer an alternative that sometimes is more comfortable and durable over time. 

What are your thoughts on that?

What would you recommend?

  • Gaming chairs are great, thing is you need to buy quality, Noble Chairs and Secret Labs are 2 of the best.

    Me and my girls mother chipped in to get to buy her a Noble Chair. It was around £340. Solid stainless steel frame and build, options for lumbar and head cusions, in built adjustable lumbar support, replaceable gas struts, fully adjustable arm rests... it not only looks the part but is solid and reaaaaallllly comfortable. 

    Basically, gaming chairs are great, but only if you pay a premium otherwise they fail wayyyy too fast.

  • always go for an ergonomic one to protect your posture, i got a decent priced one on amazon from a random brand and it's brilliant. There's too much focus on overpriced brands to be honest, it's a chair 

  • I'd recommend you go and try out chairs if possible in store. We as humans aren't all built the same size or shape so recommending one or other option is moot. I have wide shoulders so find car bucket seat style gaming chairs uncomfortable for any period of time. All the adjustable lumbar support and head cushions cannot account for that. You also have to consider the material of the chair because come the hotter months, if you don't have aircon the leather and fabric seat and back chairs get exceedingly hot. Fabric is a tad more breathable but mesh is better still.

  • Yeah, this is pretty much the best advice you can get. Chairs are like shoes, so you can't just fit into something because it's "your size".

    Chair ergonomics come into play, sure, but only if they fit your body shape and spine curvature.

    Other than your body type, it's also down to preference as   says, materials matters, but also the arm rest, extended backrest, wheels etc.

    It's best to try the chair before deciding on it, plus, it also depends on your budget.

  • Me too I recommend you a gaming chair, because they are pretty good, comfortable. They could be a little expensive but I’m sure that it will be worth for your/ our health and the back, as for the posture , also thanks to eventual cushions Grinning

  • I used to buy office chairs with fake leather but the material degraded within 1-2 years every time, they were not good quality, I since switched to ergonomic chairs with mesh and it's overall an improvement, both in functionality and in quality.

  • I'd just get a highly rated office chair. Office chair buyers aren't dazzled by nonsense like head cushions and gaudy colors, but look for reliability and comfort. I'm rocking a Herman Miller Aeron, which is awesome, especially for summer (the mesh breathes very well), but nowadays you have very good office chairs for way less.

    And like I said, I would suggest mesh if you don't have air conditioning.

  • I would recommend a desk/office chair as they are affordable and comfortable, and they don't have a million useless features that most gaming chairs have. That doesn't mean that all gaming chairs are bad, but it's probably easier to find a good office chair than a good gaming chair.

  • I had a few gaming chairs, and I have to say that I really hated them. They were rather expensive, and yet they fell apart within 2 years. Since then, I am exclusively using office ergonomic chairs, which not only are more affordable but are also more durable and, at least for me, more comfortable.

  • Test them before you buy. I have always gone for an office chair because I am taller and a little heavier then the average person so office chairs have always been my pick and they mostly come with good support, specially lumbar support so you do not end up laying down in your chair.