Which type of chair would you recommend?

I was wondering If is better to purchase a gaming chair or just a normal desk chair.

I know quality is not always the best for gaming chair and some people prefer an alternative that sometimes is more comfortable and durable over time. 

What are your thoughts on that?

What would you recommend?

  • Thanks for all your comments, I really appreciate themGrinGrin

    Thanks to your suggestions I'll be more careful and I'll definitely go to test them at a store before buying one.

    And also I'll watch out for the materials, yess fake leather starts to get consumed over 1-2 years of use. Also I see the need for a fresh material specially on summer.

    The overall back and lumbar support is the one of the first thing to test

  • Personally I think one of the most important things is how long you'll be using the chair for non-stop during a day. If it's only a few hours then most gaming chairs are probably alright, but if you'd do a full day at work you want to make sure it has been designed for 6+ hours of use per day because a lot of gaming chairs aren't meant for that. And lumbar support seems quite important!

  • I have a Kring gaming chair, it is cheap and comfy I could highly recommended!

  • It also depends on how much time you spend playing video games daily - if you do stay a lot I suggest a gaming chair, but if you spend very less time playing or using the computer daily it doesn't matter

  • The best chair overall - Secretlab Titan evo 

    Best affordable chair -  corsair T3 Rush

    The best office chair - NeueChair

  • I keep wondering re chairs. When I've asked before on here plus elsewhere the general consensus is that a general office chair is often better than a designated gaming chair which often tend to be overpriced, especially if look at branded ones. Best to go to a physical shop & try a variety out for size & comfort etc. Think about lumbar support etc. Also choose one with straight arms rather than curving style arms as it's meant to be better for you. 

  • I would definitely go to store and test a few models. I tried some gaming chairs and just wasn't satisfied with it, so ultimately I went with a random business chair. So I think personal preference is very important in this regard.

  • I use a Herman Miller Aeron I bought second hand and its great. Good posture support and very comfortable. 

  • Stay away from the gamer chairs and try to get a good ergonomic chair. I like the ones with breathable mesh just because it doesn't break down like the fake leather and cushions they normally have.

    I've got an ikea JÄRVFJÄLLET (try saying that!) and I removed the back support brace so it's just the headrest and mesh back - pretty nice (especially in summer!)

  • Postura+ Ergonomic Classroom Chair for Students , 

    but on a real note i would get anything that has a good sell to satisfaction margin " Secretlab TITAN Evo" is a decent choice