Whatcha Watchin'? - What TV shows have you been enjoying recently?

Here's a little off-topic discussion for you to get stuck into.

What TV shows have you been watching lately? Are you into Invincible? Partial to some Pacific Rim: The Black? Or maybe you're a big fan of Big Shot? We'd also love to hear if you're excited about an upcoming series, such as Loki or the return of Dexter.

For me personally, I've been keeping up with the latest episodes of Falcon and the Winter Solider - although I'd have to say that I've been somewhat disappointed by it so far!? The 'odd-couple buddy cop' relationship between Falcon and Bucky feels forced to me, and I'm struggling to find any sympathy for the Flag Smashers. 

Now it's over to you; let us know the TV shows that are tickling your fancy, or am I'm utterly wrong about Falcon and the Winter Soldier? Get your thoughts down in the comments below!

  • Breaking Bad .its not new but its last series i enjoy watching 

  • Oh, everyone I know has been telling me to watch this for years! I suppose I should probably get round to it?

  • I don't watch TV shows often, but I might start watching 13 Reasons Why soon, most probably after I finish reading the book.

    Also I've heard that Falcon and the Winter Solider is amazing, so definitely checking that out soon as well.

  • I won't lie... I was a TAD disappointed with Falcon and the Winter Solider. The villains' motivations annoyed me, and I didn't much care for the chemistry between Falcona and Bucky!

  • Modern family... Ik it's old but still Sweat smileJoy

  • Took me a minute, but I've gotten HOOKED on Mad Men.

    And Derry Girls, which I thought I wouldn't like but started watching randomly, is AMAZING. Such a light hearted way of viewing events during The Troubles.

  • Wife and I have started watching Suits on Netflix as never seen it before. We are hooked and binge 2-3 episodes a night before bed (whoops). Who needs couple time right? Sweat smile

  • Haha hopefully you and your partner are able to talk/comment about the show as you're watching-- that can be decent couple time too!

  • I am very bad at keeping up with the latest and greatest, I tend to just watch old shows. Just finished what is probably my 10th viewing of Stargate: SG1, which means I move onto Atlantis now.

    Falcon and the Winter Soldier didn’t really resonate with me. I’m having the same issue with most of the Marvel shows where I feel they don’t focus enough on the characters and instead go for big spectacle. Still entertaining, but I dunno, hollow? Saying that I’m enjoying Ms. Marvel at the moment because I am liking the family dynamic therein. I enjoyed Moon Knight as well, but who could not like something with Oscar Isaac in it (The Last Jedi not withstanding).

  • Stargate: SG1 Heart eyes  I love how the movie tech feels now Smiley... so advanced for the movie setting, yet so retro. Still the movie has still the same charm, awesome for a rewatch.