What was your favourite 90s PC or general Gaming Tech?

The new game giveaway has a 90s technology theme to it, so it made me curious what were the stand out items of kit you had back in the 90s?

The main one of mine would be my IBM Aptiva PC powered by a IBM/Cyrix P166+ that I overclocked to the same config as the P200+ version and added a Voodoo2 card and some extra RAM to since it only had onboard ATi graphics and 8MB RAM. I had 32MB RAM and also added a 20GB Samsung Spinpoint HDD

It came with Windows 95(b) which I upgraded to Windows 98 Second Edition with Plus Pack eventually. It was great for Tomb Raider and Geoff Cramond's Microprose Grand Prix 2 (along with the studying I should have been doing) but also original DOOM, Lemmings 3D and Worms

It was also the first system I dabbled with Linux on a cover CD from PC Plus Magazine. It was an early build of SUSE Linux pre-Novell days with KDE very much still a work in progress

Then there was the original PlayStation which I got analog controllers for and a steering wheel and pedals. Gran Turismo, Porsche Challenge and Crash Bandicoot were my favourites but I also enjoyed MediEvil and Tomb Raider games on that too.

I still have the PlayStation but also an original Nintendo Game Boy with magnifier light and a few games that still work, Tetris came with it and I was hooked back in the day, but Super Mario 2 and Donkey Kong Country were excellent.

My PlayStation was hooked up to a 14" Sony CRT via a SCART adapter cable and the sound went through my HiFi. My gaming 'chair' for the PlayStation was a bean bag

  • Awww man, reminded me of my SNES, having a normal controller and one of the fancy clear shell turbo pads. Playing Street Fighter Alpha 2 Turbo... sitting on the living room floor hitting 0 on the TV remote and playing away.

    Same with the PS1, sat doing my nut as a kid with my dad as we tried getting the Special licences. Playing Crash Bandicoot... those were the days, simpler times lol

    When your Hi-Fi was a 4foot stack with massive speakers. Now they're just radios, CD player if you're lucky and a bluetooth speaker. I do sort of miss the old systems. Kids probably.got no idea what a tape deck or record player is now.

  • before my pc gaming. It was Nintendo 64 and gameboy color late 90s.

    nintendo never let you down 

  • The game boy was really a gem, is such a great experience to try something different nowadays to break the routine.

    I haven't tried Donkey Kong Country, maybe I'll search itGrin

  • I never actually owned a 64 when they where released. I did get one a few years ago though and refurbished it and sprayed it matte black. I did want to play it, but looked terrible on a 4k TV. I needed an upscaler, but it makes more sense to emulate it on my laptop than spend a lot of money on the scaler. 1st world problems and all...

  • It was my Power Macintosh G3, that I even upgraded with a Voodoo 2 card (you could just buy a PC version and flash the BIOS). It had a Sony Trinitron CRT, which was a top-tier monitor at the time.

  • I've always been a PC guy, but since I grew up in the 90s, I wasn't exactly paying too close attention to the gear I was playing on - more to the games instead. I do remember the Windows upgrade from 95 to 98. It felt like a big deal at the time! I even more vividly remember playing some of the early RTS's like Command and Conquer, Warcraft II, and a bit later Starcraft.

    My dad has always been a bit of a tech junkie (but just in terms of wanting the latest stuff - not actually figuring it out or taking it apart, sadly), so we did have a steady stream of new computers every few years, and the hand-me-downs always became my game stations. I loved experiencing the slow betterment of CPUs and GPUs as I grew up.

    I will admit, though, when I was first introduced to the N64, I did become jealous of my buddies who had one. I loved the social aspect of playing together with 4 players on the couch with controllers. My parents never caved and bought me a console, but I spent a lot of time at friends' houses because of that console!

  • I had the old grey gameboy and my younger sister then got the transparent one. I was kinda jealous.

  • I'm going to add the Sega Genesis. It may have been released in the late 80s, but it was still around in the 90s. It just had fun games and you could play with or against your friends. I have fond memories of doing that.

  • Then I only had Sega Sega Drive.
    The first computer appeared much later (somewhere in 2005)

  • Oh man, I still remember my first ever Voodoo card - I bought it and a 512kb (2 256kb chips) upgrade for my 2D card to allow me to display SVGA - I installed the chips the wrong way round, and when I turned the PC on it made a god awful beeping noise! I turned off the PC, pulled out the 2d card and the chips were so hot I had no fingerprint on my right thumb for a month! Flipped the chips around and everything worked, though! The jump to my first ever 3d card, though - That was intense....