Which in game character would you hang about with?

If you could hang out for the day with any game character (in a game in which they are said character) which one would it be? And if they are in multiple games, which game? 

  • Alyx Vance from the Half-Life franchise as she's intelligent and witty while also being bad-ass enough to deal with any threats from the Combine or any other rogue force. I would have said Gordon Freeman but he never speaks...

  • I think it would be a split - From Mass Effect, Tali would be interesting. Alternatively, possibly a chance to chat and learn about secret stuff from Splinter cell's Sam Fisher? :)

  • Yoshi, since he's by far the best cart driver. ;)

  • Id quite like to chill with Samus, shes in plenty of games but only a few give any story about her. Would be cool to see what she's actually like. Bad ass bounty hunter Samus Aran.

  • Going on an adventure with Lara Croft should be fun. Doing some exploring of some ancient archaeological site that has been hidden for a long time.

  • Ooo great question! I think it'd have to be Lara Croft as a long standing game hero of mine, the adventure would be awesome plus the motorbikes

  • bounty hunting with Arthur Morgan or even do a heist with the gang JoyGrinning

  • The goose in the untitled goose game. I' m sure they're actually a nice fellow.

  • Also, I would be interesting to sit and chat with Majora's Mask Link too. Time travel, impending doom of a crazy moon and having a diety inside him while fighting Skullkid. I imagine that would be a pretty deep conversation over a few pints of milk.

  • Haha this is a great question for a thread!

    There are a ton of video game characters that I'd love to meet, and I'm sure it depends on my mood at the time. Love the shoutouts to Mass Effect, Half-Life, and Tomb Raider. Mass Effect was definitely the game where I felt most closely attached to the characters, but just to throw in a bit of variety, I'm going to go with Vivec, from TES: Morrowind.

    Lord Vivec the Poet was one of the three Immortal God-Kings of Morrowind, and although his motives are a bit suspicious in the events preceding the plot of the game, I think it would be pretty awesome to hang out with an incredibly powerful and wise immortal sorcerer-god for a day!