How was you experience with VR on PlayStation or PC?

I was wondering how is VR, I've never tried it by myself so far. But I would like to listen to your experiences.

Did you enjoyed it? Or what was a deal breaker for you?

The PS5 VR will make it more famous among players, are you willing to give it a try?

  • I tried it ones when there was a store in the city running games with VR. In my mind it still have some way to go, it was more like a Mario Brothers World then what I expected. I am looking forward to what the future will bring

  • I don't have my own VR gear, but I did play Arizona Sunshine in a VR studio on a date a couple times and it was actually super fun! I'm not going to say I was blown away, but there are certain aspects about VR that make the game a lot more engaging, more the way you manipulate things with your hands than actually having the headset on and looking around (although of course that helps with the immersion as well). I remember taking a large sniper rifle that you had to hold with both hands, and aiming with that felt a lot more like holding a real gun than I've ever experienced in a game (although I'm not sure that's necessarily a good thing...).

    It's definitely a great medium, and I could see it becoming more of a thing as costs go down for VR headsets and more games get developed for it, so I actually hope the PS5 VR is a hit! I think there are many new things that could be done and explored in VR gaming, and we've only really seen the tip of the iceberg.

  • Half-life Alyx and Lone Echo were absolutely fantastic, even on a relatively slow GPU. Flight simming in VR was clearly awesome with good enough hardware, but my system couldn't keep up.

    I mostly play standalone now, though, until I get better hardware.

  • definitely has a long way to go, i know a lot of people are loving it but very very common complaints of feeling terribly motion sick due to motion blur etc

  • My friend has an oculus and we play sometimes, I think games like beat saber or other games where you move a lot is actually the most fun/least repetitive way to do cardio, a lot more interesting than running on treadmills at least. As far as the entertainment value of VR games though I found that goes away really quick, to my eyes it's mostly a workout thing.

  • I tested Valve's headset for a few hours and it was very cool, but gave me a headache after all.

  • I haven't thought of the possibility of using VR for sports, I'm sure is am engaging way to do exercise and have fun.

    I see now, Arizona Sunshine, Half-Life Alyx and Long echo are fantastic games for enjoy VRGrin.

    For what I'm seeing is a good idea to test them before buying to see If you are sensitive to headaches.

  • I had the original rift and I was pretty amazed by that at the time but it didn't age very well and when I had to constantly dust the sensors and update the tracking that was when I decided I wanted an upgrade. I waited a while and found a good deal on a quest 2 and let me tell you now, not having to use a cable is a complete game changer! and makes the whole experience more seamless, also the fact that you can still buy face covers etc is great!

  • I don't own any headset, but I had the opportunity to borrow one from my friend for several months, lol. I was extremely excited to try it, and it was fun for the first few days, but I have to say I got bored with it very quickly. It might be because there aren't as many games for VR that have the same level of playability as "traditional" games, but nevertheless, it's a great piece of tech!

  • I had a chance to play Serious Sam VR game on a game fair. It was fun while it lasted, but I never got any VR device myself.

    I saw there are some really fun shooter games on Steam where you can do all sorts of tricks like take the clip out of your enemy's gun, throw your sword into the air, do a spin and catch it to slash the enemy and the likes. I'd probably play games like that if I had a device, but price is too steep to go for it.