What game ending stuck with you the most?

What video game ending made you stop and think for some time or just surprised you a lot? Let's talk about game endings, but no spoilers please. I really loved Inside ending, but I can't really say much about it.

  • For me was Life is strange, the open ending was really something unexpected for me, and there's an official ending :/

  • Modern warfare two (the original, not the remade junk) had a very bittersweet ending that's incredibly hard to talk about without putting in any spoilers   :/ I really have no idea what to say other than it was definitely memorable and tied up the game into a very neat experience that you went away from thinking about.

  • Since some people mention Mass Effect, I liked that series and I felt moved by the Citadel DLC they made as a sendoff but the actual ending of the game...well you know.

    I didn't go online at all in gaming sites when it came out, took me about a week to finish and when I did I found it disappointing, and then I went online and saw all the drama. They expanded the endings a bit with a free update eventually but really what the game needed was a complete rework of the last 5 minutes. I still love the series though and I played it many times on multiple platforms.

  • Read dead redemption 2 the whole game felt like a movie very good story. Also Halo reach 

  • Spec Ops: The Line had a really good twist that I didn't expect at all. If you haven't played it yet its worth a go. 

  • It might have to be the cod where soap got shot to be honest it felt so serious and sudden for a cod story

  • Days Gone,Rdr 2,Life İs Strange,Walking Dead 

    especially the ending of the 1st game of the walking dead made me so sad that I still remember it :(
    and the ghost character dies in call of duty (Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2)
  • Days Gone had a interesting cliff hanger ending its really a shame the sequel was never to be. 

  • The most recent for me was definitely God of War, just the whole climax and you never knew what was truly going to happen. But it gave the gut wrenching feeling playing though it! 

  • Metal Gear Solid ending was amazing! Same as Metal Gear Solid 3 :D
    Another one I remember quite well is the end of Mass Effect 2! Amazing game with an amazing ending. Wasn't super fond of the end of Mass Effect 3.