What game ending stuck with you the most?

What video game ending made you stop and think for some time or just surprised you a lot? Let's talk about game endings, but no spoilers please. I really loved Inside ending, but I can't really say much about it.

  • Days Gone, after all you go through, that twist at the end... it begged for a sequel. We just never got one. I really enjoyed that game too.

  • I think an obvious one is Spec Ops: The Line but also Mass Effect 1 & 2, Max Payne 2 which I just remember enjoying a lot and having been satisfying story-wise. To be honest I haven't completed many recent story-based games as I often get bored of them, but those stand out from the past. SWKOTOR also had a pretty cool twist I didn't see coming at the time.

  • Haha game endings but no spoilers? That's almost an oxymoron!

    Ok, well, there are some classics like Warcraft III and Starcraft, which had some twists and turns and could be surprising. As  mentioned, KOTOR was a pretty wild ending too. All the Dishonored games had phenomenal plots and endings as well.

    Some recent game endings I've experienced that gave me pause, or at least proved memorable, were the ones from Chernobylite and Chronos: Before the Ashes (precursor to Remnant).

  • Actually it's one of the games Lenovo gave away called Marie's Room. Without giving anything away it's a game that will tug on your heart strings and make you think about the people nearest and dearest to you

  • The Settlers 2, but only because I couldn't understand why the game won't end until I figured out that it won't end until I put the CD in. 

  • I remember being quite moved by the ending to the Mass Effect trilogy even if it was bittersweet. But then I suppose it depends which ending you get as it has quite a few but I managed to keep all the characters alive (well, most of them).

  • Mine is red dead redemption 2.

    can also mention mass effect 3, spec ops the line and final fantasy x

  • "Spec Ops: The Line", that game had a surprisingly great story for an FPS genre. +1 to it. It was a great experience through and through.

    Since most other replies are about games with "great" endings, I'll add one which made me utterly disappointed: "Divinity: Original Sin 2". It was supposed to be a plot twist, but the story stretched so much that it was obvious. And whoever wrote it, didn't even try to make it grandiose ending, it just ended like any B-rated "meh" movie. Disappointed

  • Red Dead Redemption 2 as if you played RDR 1 then you know how its going to end and once you get attached to Arthur its hard.

  • I played a older Vampire game that had 3 wildly different endings, I am telling you the ending as it is a very old game, 1st is you kill the elder and drain him, but he is to strong so he takes control of you through his blood. 2nd if you bow down to him, so he kills your loved ones and you eternal life is in pain. 3rd is you fight him and kills him after a long battle and live on as a Vampire.  

    it was 3 quite different endings in a game that was very streamlined until that point.