What game ending stuck with you the most?

What video game ending made you stop and think for some time or just surprised you a lot? Let's talk about game endings, but no spoilers please. I really loved Inside ending, but I can't really say much about it.

  • In a way, the endings of Assassin's Creed Odyssey kept me thinking. Not because they were particularly shocking, but rather that the tone of the game could shift so much depending on your decisions chosen. Never expected that from an AC game.

  • The first walking dead Teletale series just sticks in my head, where Clemetine is a kid and the brutal last scene trying to make the decision on what to do when being bit. I remember playing it at the time when they only found out they could cut limbs if they were bit to save them

  • The ending of The Last of Us for me is something I will never forget. The reason why it sticks with you, other than the technical excellence with which it has been made (Santaolalla's music, top-tier acting, cinematic sequence editing, ...), is the reflection on what was the right thing to do, in opposition to what was the most human thing to do. And I loved it.

  • Life is Strange… One of the first games i ever played, the ending will stick with me forever Sob

  • I know it sounds weird and it's not particularly dramatic but GTA V ending just makes you feel..."what the hell am i doing with my life?" :))) Deus Ex Human Revolution also had a nice ending, Mafia, not sure which one but the one when you live to be old but then, i guess not that old

  • The ending of SOMA is very powerful, makes me think about it even now. I also like games with multiple endings, it makes me want to replay them just so I can see all endings. One such game is Paradise Lost.

  • shadow of the colossus. I love the game and every couple of weeks, out of nowhere, my mind will just replay the ending and I will have to digest it all over again. Some ending just stick with you.

  • Yeah the DLC was a good point of departure after the end of the game, the Citadel was really refreshing with his new prospective

  • One I saw last night stuck with me for the wrong reason, it was such an anti-climax. If you know the game Limbo it was that but I won't spoil what happens. Suffice to say getting to the end of that game is enough to test anyone's patience and then what happens is pretty much nothing at all compared to what is going on the rest of the game

    Conversely I played through Portal again recently and the cake song cracked me up

  • The Knights of the Old Republic ending is amazing, when you learn who you really are.