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In the comments below, please share any problems you have experienced in installing, storing, or playing a game due to a game's file size. Or feel free to share any other issue you have relating to game storage on your device.

  • Games like Call of Duty have ballooned in size easily taking 200GB or more due to the map packs. 

  • I have a ton of storage in my system. Always liked having a lot of it.

    With the very cheap prices lately I've added a 4 TB NVMe as well, to the already installed 2 TB drive and 2 x 1 TB drives. Then I have a 4 TB HDD as well.

    So 12 TB in total.

  • I mean, I dont use a hard drive, my laptop is SSD only and I do not use an external drive at all. The main problem come with cost and quality.

    You always want a good, reliable drive in your machine, depending on generation and time of purchase things get real expensive. I have a SN850X 2tb in my machine and an older 970 Evo Plus 1tb from my previous machine. Both were pretty expensive at the time due to storage costs in general. I know most of us do not need a 7k mb drive, but if you're spending a large sum just on storage, its sometimes worth it to get the best.

    I just wish for the cost of some machines they came with better RAM and SSD options at reasonable prices. I've specced laptops with and without large SSDs and RAM, with the change of the lesser model you can sometimes get premium parts for the same overall cost. OEMs buy in bulk so there's no reason to hike the price so much on these to options IMO

  • I have a 1.5 TB hard drive split into two drives on my Legion laptop, plus a 2 TB external hard drive. After having so many games installed and removed from the internal hard drive, the computer has become noticeably slower, which is a shame and makes me wish I had only used the external for games. That being said, once my external drive took a tumble and broke, which really left me starved for space until the warranty covered it and I received a new one, so there are advantages and disadvantages for external drives. At this point, however, I generally see them as a necessity for serious gamers.

  • My only problem, at least for now is constant growing of VRAM use of games. It is a big pain on the a......

  • My biggest problem is with the download times and not the size actually. Size is manageable on my end, I can always delete older games and I mostly play singleplayer so I don't really need them installed after I have finished them anyway, but there's nothing I can do about a 90GB game that will take all day to download, except to leave steam on overnight and play tomorrow. Was worse when I still used hard drives cause writing all that data was also a factor since they are slow but I am full SSD now and bottlenecked by my internet speed.

  • I don't have issues with storage regarding games, because I don't play too many different ones. However I constantly run out of storage because of my render activities.

  • I'm less annoyed by storage space than I am by my crappy internet connection. It takes me entire days to download 100+ gig titles depending on servers, congestion, and platform. If that were fixed then it wouldn't be a problem to delete and download on the cloud.

  • Because I like to only have to download a game once and keep it updated instead of uninstalling and reinstalling them it is pretty annoying when I have to free up room because I don't have enough space. This is only getting worse as the sizes of games increase every year. I appreciate legion laptops having 2 nvme slots on their laptops very much but is there any chance for a third?

  • Even though I have 1 TB SSD, I had it partitioned so I can dual-boot Linux for work stuff so my Windows partition is under 800 GB. I install games only on Windows, but games tend to be huge, over 100 GB, which eats the space very soon, so I cannot have every game I would like to play installed, but I install some and uninstall the others. Shrug