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In the comments below, please share any problems you have experienced in installing, storing, or playing a game due to a game's file size. Or feel free to share any other issue you have relating to game storage on your device.

  • I have like 4 games always installed. (Multiplayer ). 
    then I rotate on single player games.

    but one time I had 90 gb left and wanted to instal a game that was around 60 gb. But the installation needed 110 to instal. So I uninstalled a small game to instal the other game. And instal the small game again 

  • Games are getting far too bloated of late, even Elder Scrolls Online requires just shy of 98GB when installed. This means that if you supply laptops with 512GB of storage the owners really have to upgrade straight away now or pick and choose which couple of games they have installed at any one time. I firmly believe the new minimum should be 1TB and the price of some 1TB nvme drives has become comparable to HDD of the same capacity (including just recently the Samsung 980 1TB which is equivalent speed to the OEM Samsung versions you installed in 6th gen laptops)

    Additionally, I have answered this using the scenario my Legion is the gaming device I have only. However, I do have a custom built desktop 500GB more storage so there really isn't any difference to the answers for both systems anyway

  • I use my laptop both for gaming and real life. When I have or have had many browsers windows open at the same time, the computer really get slow. I would love if Lenovo include a tool to reset/clear ram and memory used so  I do not have to do a full restart. 

  • Please download more RAM ;) Seriously though the OOM kill process on Linux is a pain in the backside, do you really want to lose open stuff in the background chosen randomly by some third-party program? It's best to keep tabs (pardon the pun) on how many things you have open if your laptop or desktop is RAM limited until such time you can upgrade it with more RAM to better suit your typical workload on it

  • Lack of file compression is a big problem in gaming these days. Pair that with lackluster optimization in most games lately and there's really no reason to buy newer games in the first months or even years of release.

  • As games are getting visually complex and realistic, they tend to be more than 100GB which makes the use of an external storage a bit necessary. I've had issues, mostly with Microsoft Store, where I couldn't launch the game anymore from the external drive, and had to reinstall it completely, even though the files were not corrupted. 

    These days, I use an external drive for games I might launch once a few times a month or so, and just don't install the rest where I'm even less playing. 

  • I have the games I downloaded compressed and backed up to NAS and a USB drive because my broadband is to slow to download them more than once when it comes to 40+GB games. Sometimes it's more convenient to transfer installed games over network from laptop to desktop or vice versa via Steam Client. I'm not on about streaming the games over the local network, I have tried that though and it works nicely over gigabit LAN

  • I mainly store games on external sites eg steam. I have lots of space on pc but prefer not to fill it up with games. Lots of games require way too much space nowadays. 

  • Storage was never the problem for me, whats really annoying is the time it takes to download these big games with my bad internet connection. For some of them I need more than 12 hours to download them

  • My problem is that I have too much space. I have about 150 games installed and still cant decide what to play or play the same 2 Games.