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In the comments below, please share any problems you have experienced in installing, storing, or playing a game due to a game's file size. Or feel free to share any other issue you have relating to game storage on your device.

  • This is not game related but happened to me some time ago with my laptop. After trying to reset my device from a Lenovo Recovery backup my SSD failed and I had to buy a new one.

  • Sometimes I have had to seriously consider if I like a game enough to be playing it if its file size is too big and it's preventing me from installing other things. COD is the easiest game to point a finger at for this and games like that just don't exist in my library anymore because they're too much of a hassle to have to work around. I'm never satisfied having a handful of really big storage games installed - I need about a dozen different options installed at any time depending on what mood I'm in or how much time I have to play.

    I had to take the risk of opening up my laptop to install a secondary SSD to be able to fit everything I wanted into my storage with a safe amount left over for future use. Unfortunately I feel a lot of gaming laptops in the last few years are skimping on storage since more people wanted to move away from HDDs. I'd still rather pay a proportionately higher price for the laptop in the first place if it came with two decent 2TB SSD drives pre-installed rather than have to buy them separately myself and open the laptop up myself.

  • Download more RAM, now your sounding like Johnny Mnemonic.

    My Laptop is 7 years old, so about time that I look for a new one and down the old one to streaming only because of the nice big screen it has. 

    Is there a program that make it easy to clear the RAM or end the stuff not being used ? 

  • I just tend to only keep the games I'm immediately playing installed otherwise I uninstall them to save space so it's not really an immediate problem for me, but the game file sizes are getting a bit ridiculous so I can imagine having to upgrade soon. The downloads can be eyewatering sizes and some games require a complete redownload of the whole updated game image just to update a patch or dlc which feels really inefficient and a nightmare if you only switched on for a quick game session. I'm lucky I have a fast fibre connection which makes mincemeat of large downloads but it must be horrible for people stuck with a slow connection. I gave my stepdad a copy of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 a few years ago but I didn't take into account their terrible internet connection and every time the game updates or has to be reinstalled it takes him 2-3 days to download it Sweat

  • never really experienced many issues as of yet, laptops now (prebuilt) come with decent storage i'd say, however i do not have loads downloaded just to maintain power and speed

  • It never was a problem to me, but honestly not long ago I only had 1 GB SSD so effectively only about 800 GB free after windows and the need to never let an SSD become "too full" (for performance reason... I think TRIM can't work properly in that case). And when you then have games that have 150+ GB when installed that quickly becomes an issue and more and more games have are like that these days. So less than 2 GB in my opinion is not really an acceptable option for (enthusiastic) gamers any more.