Starfield: Is it worth purchasing?

I hadn't seen anyone speak about it on here since release and was hoping for some quick preliminary first reviews of it! It looks a great game i'd enjoy but i need it to be something special before spending on the price tag!

  • I had seen its having some performance issues, optimisation is rather lacking. I mean it is pretty much day 1 so it may get better. If your hardware is older maybe wait for it to get polished a little more. 

  • This, there's even an unofficial mod by an end user to make it use DLSS on NVidia hardware. Personally I'd hold off buying for a while until it's been patched properly to support DLSS and the drivers have been updated too. Intel ARC also needed a post game release driver fix because it was crashing. NVIDIA has also now announced they won't be carrying on with game day releases for drivers going forward as they are focussing their staff budget on their more lucrative AI products instead.

    The initial hardware minimum requirements are very demanding as well, as it gets optimised hopefully those will lower

  • Cyberpunk teach me that sometimes is better to wait s bit longer to have a better user experience.

    Also the price then to decrease in a couple of months, time enough to have an overall improvement on performance/ playability issues.

    Is sad that this is becoming a common thing:/

  • I don't think I will ever buy it. As Todd Howard stated during a Q&A session, Starfiled has been optimized by taking into account the fact that it should be played on high-specs PC configurations. I don't feel it to be one of those games I should personally play at all costs, so I'm perfectly fine with watching some walkthroughs instead.
    Despite some people discovering a few bugs or some unpleasant behaviours in the game (for instance, the fact that your robot companion Vasco tends to place itself into your line of fire and blocking your view of the enemies), it looks to be a spectacular game: not even near to be excellent, but you can totally see that Bethesda put much more effort on it compared to Fallout 76

  • I might try it since it's on game pass and my desktop is above the minimum specification required to run it. I don't think I'll end up buying it though to be fair as the play throughs I have seen haven't been that interesting. Maybe the game is a slow burner, time will tell I guess

  • Yeah, I had read about Ngreedia focusing on the AI money and ignoring gamers again.

    Honestly hope AMD and Intel get their act together and storm the gaming market. I've had enough of Nvids antics now.

  • Yeah i think that's what i'm going to do and maybe see how the console versions fender with reviews and feedback because for the price i need it to be, well, not buggy

  • So true, like i'd love to purchase instantly and play at the same time as others so you can experience it all fresh but dealing with bugs and constant updates is not the way

  • No one can make that decision for you as it's a personal preference thing etc. It depends what tyle of games you like plus what it is you're after in a game. Personally think it's a great game, great scenery etc plus plenty to do, plus all I know that has it says the same & not had any issues re the game either. 

    It's on gamepass if you have that, failing that it will no doubt be on sale at some point in the near future, if you don't mind waiting.  

  • AMD are also going to focus on AI, I can see GPU prices rising again because of this new market segment which can utilise the compute cores on any GPU, not just workstation models. Hopefully not to the extent bitcoin mining caused but you never know...