Starfield: Is it worth purchasing?

I hadn't seen anyone speak about it on here since release and was hoping for some quick preliminary first reviews of it! It looks a great game i'd enjoy but i need it to be something special before spending on the price tag!

  • I haven't played it myself, but seen a lot of it from the content creatures I follow on and it looks like it is a good game in the classic Bethesda style. So Far it is early days, so there are a few bugs and kinks that needs to be iron out, but seams like an ok game. 

  • I haven't played it yet even though I have Gamepass so can play it free.  I'm holding off for now until it has been patched and fixed into a better state because as it currently is it seems it is lacking optimisation and quality of life features and feels a bit disjointed so I get the feeling I would just be disappointed with it and I really don't want to be. I know there are loads of mods already out that fix many issues but I can't really be bothered mucking about with hundreds of mods fixing issues that shouldn't exist in the first place and will probably get fixed in official patches over time anyway which will potentially break some mods.  I'm happy to wait a while to enjoy it, I'm in no rush.

  • It ends up being a personal choice so it's up to you. 

    Personally I would wait a few months until buying it. Will probably wait for a GOTY version release or something similar.

  • Such a shame to hear that it's so highly demanding on hardware. I'm glad it's taking advantage of the latest graphics tech, but developers need to acknowledge that not everyone is loaded enough to buy the latest graphics card every single year.

    I will also hold off for now, but that's mainly because this is a game that I want to play with a really powerful computer. I have a feeling it's a massive experience and will only improve, and I'm hoping Bethesda handcrafted enough of it to keep it interesting, in the way that they make all of their games to a pretty incredible standard.

  • I personally love it! There's so much to do and I haven't had any issues running it yet. Even to test the water to see if you like it, you could alway get gamepass for a month and then cancel it if you didn't like it after that. £7.99 for gamepass on pc is hard to beat

  • I'd suggest getting Game Pass Ultimate for cloud streaming on PC. I bought a second hand less than 1 year old XSX and I'm having perf issues with quick resume. As my current custom PC cant play new AAAs its a good alternative. 

  • My husband loves it and it looks like a pretty game. One thing that he particularly enjoys is the lockpicking minigame. 

  • I tried cloud streaming Starfield, my internet isn't really decent enough for it to be enjoyable. There was no input lag but the game looked like a 480p stream so wasn't really enjoyable. I'll download it slowly over the coming week in drips and drabs since my PC can handle the game, I just wanted to see if I could avoid the 140GB download to try it out first and see whether I actually enjoyed playing it

  • Did you cloud stream it using Edge browser? Edge has a Clarity Boost option for use with XCloud that cleans up compression artefacts and sharpens the image to make it look HD (at a slight hit to CPU usage). Not sure if it has been rolled out to other browsers but last time I used it it worked great and made a huge difference. 

  • I'm not sure what it actually ran in, I just clicked the cloud button in the Xbox App itself. Edge is the only browser installed so possibly it did load it in that but is very much still in beta as indicated by the app, so maybe it will improve. It asked me for feedback after the session so I did tell them it was blurry as that was actually one of the radio button options.

    Starfield has a lot of dark areas so the compression artefacts stand out like a sore thumb. It may have looked slightly better on the laptop 16" screen rather than stretched over the equivalent of a 27" screen on my ultrawide 34" monitor to be fair though

    Also my internet downstream is around 40 Mbps and upstream 8 Mbps which isn't the best for attempting to remote game.