Which videogame genre would you rather stop existing?

As the title says, if you had to delete a genre forever, which one would it be and why? Maybe it's because you've never managed to get into games of that type, or maybe the most-known games of that type have practices that have entered other genres and you don't like. Which one is it for you?

  • I would rather stop Adventure because for me it seems quite boring

  • Ooof ok potentially controversial but Minecraft and "retro" pixel art games. I know it's an artistic choice but it's just not for me. I didn't fight through 40 years of gaming progress to end up in 2023 playing games that look like they came from the NES. Also FPS Battle Royale type games. The market is saturated with them and most of the time they don't progress the genre. They are all seem like reskins of the same game. It forces competitive multiplayer which I hate. The communities are often super toxic to anyone not playing the "Meta", the game is usually min-maxed to all hell within days of its release, it's a never ending cycle of bug fixes and nerfs from the devs and arguing with the community and generally are a hellscape of branding, microtransactions and engineered FOMO. I wouldn't miss them if they were gone.

  • I don't have a certain genre I would like to cease existence, but everything that includes micro transactions should end in hell.

  • Mobile RTS games. They are mostly exploitative games full of cheating and attempts to take people's money unfairly.

  • For me it's got to be long turn based games, I just could never get into them. They just feel so slow and sluggish and I know some aren't but I just can't sit for hours to try and complete missions that really shouldn't take as long 

  • Definitely Battle Royale type of games! It seems these games everywhere and are exactly the same. I admit I did play PUBG when it was released but ever since that I got absolutely tired of it.
    Can't think of any other genre to get rid off besides this one.

  • I'm going to side with   on this one. It's not that I'm necessarily against retro pixel art games - I have played several of them and enjoyed them - but it does really bug me that they COULD look better, and with very limited effort, might I add. But to answer the question head on, I would say get rid of platformers (which are most often the games with the retro art styles). It's a genre that offers a bit of fun and easy enjoyment, but overall lacks the depth of full blown RPGs, RTSs, and even well-made FPSs. I'm aware that that statement may be controversial, but come on! The only games with less depth than that are the aforementioned F2P battle-royale style games, which I find incredibly dull. But at least those games can offer some hilarious or rewarding multiplayer moments. If you beat a platformer, woohoo - you... jumped well?

  • I couldn't agree more with your statementThumbsup.

  • I don't really have a genre I would delete but I agree with the comment about microtransactions. What I don't like the most in the gaming industry is when companies use predatory tactics to get people addicted to games of chance in the context of a video game, a lot of mobile games are like this and even some AAA games from EA or Activision, which are even worse considering they ask the base price of a AAA title just to get the game and then try to sell you mtx in addition to that.

    Basically, I don't care about genres, what I would delete is greed.

  • Anything that survives purely on milking micro transactions and Battle Royale crap.

    Give me back some solid Co op games to play with friends and my partner.