How often do you change your peripherals?

There was a thread about controllers and we had a conversation about keyboards in that other thread ( RE: Fortnite ), it made me realize how I change my peripherals only when they are completely out of order - or broken, if you wish.

My peripherals are at least 5 years old (G403 Prodigy wireless, Corsair STRAFE, HyperX Revolver 2, ...) and sometimes my eyes spot new peripherals that I'd love to get, but I always give up after asking myself, why would I replace the current ones if they work just fine?*

Call me thrifty, but I sparingly buy new options, even if I would probably enjoy new things more. And that probably wouldn't change even if I had all the money in the world.

This makes me wonder, how often do you guys change your peripherals? What makes you do that? Do you need to test out every new thing that comes out? Is your budget in question? Would it be any different if you have unlimited cash? Laughing

Leave your comments below!


* My headphones' pleather is falling apart, but the sound and mic is amazing like day one lmao.

  • I relate completely with this. I have absolutely no reason to buy things I'll never use until my current breaks. If there's an excellent deal, then I may splurge for a spare, but why waste money on these things especially running the risk of DOA being learned about months or even years later (true story btw, however, Logitech took care of me).

    I laughed at your pleather addition because I did the same until I had enough of trying to clean them and all I got was the covering peeling off. They still work great, but yeah, they were basically done.

    Edit: I also mean this in terms of peripherals, things like my previous phones or laptops hindering my daily activities even if they operated just enough was a desperate need for fresh air, doesn't mean they can't be backups though, much like the headphones which I haven't recycled lmao...maybe I should...

  • I change peripherals whenever my current ones break. This happened recently when my Logitech mx master mouse, which lasted around 6 years, broke. Had to buy a new one. My keyboard is still going strong after 6 years!

  • when they break and not before, I'm not one for replacing something just because new shiny things come out that are better. If my peripherals aren't acting up and do what I need, I will carry on using them. It does help to get decent ones to begin with though as some do not last that long due to the poor materials used in their construction.

    one pet hate is anything cheaply rubberised with sprayed on coating because that rubber coating invariably goes sticky and gives me the ick to touch within a year or so

    i've also noticed that the quality of microsoft's xbox controllers has dropped massively since the Xbox 360 era, the current ones have plastic parts in the analog stick mechanisms that wear out far too quickly leading to stick drift and a graunchy feel.

    The only new peripherals I have acquired in the last year have been via wins here and on Twitch. Prior to that I did end up buying a new keyboard since the switches on my Targus which was well over a decade old finally gave up. So I now have a Cherry DW5100 desktop set from which I only use the keyboard (it was cheaper than getting the keyboard on it's own because of an overstock sale) and a tiny mouse which will stay unused due to my need for either a vertical mouse or trackball these days. Should I ever pass the set onto someone, they get an unused mouse. The keyboard is fairly comfortable but not exactly quiet even though it's membrane. It has a mechanical sound level and feel to the key presses.

  • Keyboard when I start getting the urge to switch - it depends on the model but usually every 3 years for nice mechanical ones. Mice tend to die or develop faults within that period too, but I replace as soon as it starts! The wireless mice battery is fairing well at the moment but I have no idea about its longevity.

  • You can buy replacement pads for your headphones. They're pretty much a consumable. Normally it's when my primary peripheral breaks down and I cant repair it I'll look to get a replacement. 

  • Honestly, kinda same. I mostly replace stuff if I feel that it no longer serves its purpose well enough. My last headset was used for more than half a decade and my mouse is approaching a similar lifetime. Guess I am lucky with products not breaking apart? I if had unlimited cash I would maybe replace each peripheral exactly once for a more fancy version and keep them then until they break.

  • When they break or get really, really grungy. My headphones ear pieces are falling apart too, but those can be replaced, so I probably will.

  • I couldn't agree more. I just don't see the point in purchasing new peripherals as long as my current items work properly. I won't gain any additional performance, so I rather use the money to upgrade my system. But, as you already said too, even if money was out of the equation, I would still stick to my used peripherals until they fall apart.

  • I have to change my mouse now, actually, I bought a mouse (natec euphonie) about 2 years and a few months ago, it was wireless and had a built in battery which I knew beforehand likely meant that it would die in a year or two because of planned obsolescence but it was exactly what I needed at the time so I bought it anyway thinking I will change the battery myself, well it lasted about a year and a half, then the battery started draining quickly, meaning the mouse essentially became wired, then after that the battery couldn't even power the mouse's built in screen while it was plugged in, which is necessary to rebind some macro buttons, so basically the mouse is barely functional at this point. I opened it up and the funniest thing is I saw that the battery doesn't even meet the advertised specs by almost 50%, they claim it has a 2.5Wh battery and it is actually 1.295Ah. I sent the company an email a few days ago but haven't gotten a reply and I don't expect to get any tbh. Anyway I have a cheapo backup mouse that I'm using for now which works fine and will probably just buy a new mouse this black friday or whenever I can find a good sale, at this point I don't want to use the old mouse even if I swapped the battery lol.

    Other than this I don't change my peripherals often, I see it as a waste. I used a basic microsoft keyboard for 5-6 years until keys stopped working and then a basic logitech keyboard for another 5-6 years until my current which is a mechanical keyboard that will hopefully last longer.

  • Yeah ill only change my peripherals when they start to fail, I've had a little set of speakers I use from time to time when I've no headset that must be about 7 years old. Then the headset, mouse and keyboard all get changed out just down to wear and tear when they stop working or there is an issue with them