Quest 3

Are you guys excited about the Quest 3? The reviews so far seem very good, with a huge boost in graphical quality in standalone mode. I expected that, as the weak APU of the Quest 2 requires it to run the screen below its capabilities. The new Quest 3 has a processor that is twice as fast. The new lenses also seem to have a big sweet spot, so it will be easier to get your eyes in the right position. And the new lenses seem to result in very few distortions. Only the blacks are still not very dark, but that is due to the type of screen they use.

The pass-through mode also seems much better than the Quest Pro, although not perfect. I do wonder how useful it will be, but we'll have to see what developers do with it.

The headstrap seems to have been improved, with more support, although it is still a cheap fabric strap that won't hold a candle to a third party replacement. In general, you should budget for some addons, IMO. Although both BoboVR and Kiwi seem to have conversion kits so you can reuse a Quest 2 headstrap.

The biggest downside seems to be that it only has 128 GB by default, with a much more expensive version that has 512 GB. I had hoped that they would make 256 GB the default, especially with the price increase.

  • While I somewhat get the need for a price increase when I look at the hardware, I really don't understand why they would choose cheap headstraps on such a relatively niche and otherwise premium product. It doesn't seem a logical thing to save some dimes on.

  • The Quest Pro headstrap is not great, so I prefer just to have something that can easily be replaced, although it does add to the total cost.

    But I do agree with you that the new pricing is way more premium, which makes the strap look pretty bad. In general, I wonder how successful this headset is going to be. I guess that it depends a lot on how well the color passthrough gets used and whether premium games come out that hugely benefit from the better quality.

  • I don't think the problem with the previous versions was the hardware, at least not for me. I just haven't seen any reason to buy one, a buddy of mine has one and I've played beat saber a little bit, it's nice but if I bought one it'd be the kind of thing I'd play for an hour and then it collects dust, also I'd have to move furniture around every time I used it.

  • I'm a bit disappointed with it to be honest. I don't consider the improvements enough to justify the large pricing increase over the quest 2 which came out 3 years ago... I personally won't be upgrading this gen - maybe next or next next gen after this, I get that this is their lower end model but the price is really too high for this to be a mainstream adoption. When I got my quest 2 it was something like £250 and I felt that was pretty reasonably priced for what it is and what they are trying to achieve. £450 is a bit no from me.

  • I've only heard about the Quest 3 release this week. A few of my friends have VR, I've tried it and I do think they are pretty cool. My issue with them, is they only played them for a brief period of time, then have went back to PC gaming. At the minute I think its just the lack of content that puts me off buying them at that price 

  • The cost is a deterrent compared to the quest 2. For such a jump you need have a offering to justify the expense. It doesn't help Facebook decided to increase the price on a aging headset in 2022 to make it look more attractive come Quest 3s launch.