Which game that you received on Xmas was the best gift for you?

December is here and I was wondering which game that you family gave you as present for Christmas was the best ever for you?Christmas tree Gift

Mine was GTA V for XboxGrin

  • I received GTA San Andreas! Played it until exhaustion Smiley
    The father of GTA V haha

  • The first assassins creed game. Got it for Xbox as a kid. Still play and love the series 

  • An original Nintendo Game Boy with Tetris and a Magnifier Light that clipped onto the Game Boy

  • Warhammer 3 Total War. I love it as I have played the tabletop version before and it is so much easier to play it on PC. 

  • SNES and A Link to the Past.
    All time favorite game and memories I will never forget.

  • I guess it was The Settlers 2. I just loved to play that as a kid.

  • Mine was receiving the PS2 with Jak and Daxter.
    Amazing present! And probably the best console ever

  • Monster Hunter: World - a random person on other forums just tossed a DM with the key and a Merry Christmas message. I was blown away in surprise since that was the game I wished for. I ended up purchasing a second copy for my brother so we can co-op play it. We had hundreds of hours of fun. Pray

  • Pokemon for sure! Every year when I was a child there was a new one I think, really kept me and my siblings occupied for days over the holidays!

    Those were the days... games were £20 and no patches, to trade and battle each other you had to get a special link cable!