i need free games

does somebody have some free games suggestion i can play

  • What comes to mind is Warframe, if you're up for some grindy time sink. Game has pretty solid basic gameplay (probably why its so popular), but has some hard feature creep.
    If you want something that won't consume all of your life, I always recommend Doki Doki Literature club. I don't think it's the masterpiece some claim it to be, but thought it was a worthwhile experience.

  • I support the Warframe tip,  definitely not League of legends.  STAY AWAY! 

  • These are great suggestions!

    For my money, I'm going to come in with Splitgate. Great multiplayer arena shooter that draws HEAVILY on Halo's look and feel - meaning gunplay is super solid. Also, all the microtransactions are cosmetic only, so no Pay2Win!

  • Personally I like Minion Masters, free to play and all new DLC is offered for free (claim & keep!) the first weekend of release. So you don't have to buy new stuff all the time to keep up.

    A completely different option would be Destiny 2 (co-op fps), which is free to play and works on the free version of Google's Stadia, so you don't even need to have a decent pc to play it, only a decent internet connection.

    Would definitely agree with Daniel's suggestion, Splitgate, as a good option for a competitive shooter.

    Some other suggestions:
    Cardgames: Hearthstone/Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links/Eternal/Magic the gathering
    Battle royale shooters: Call of Duty Warzone/Apex Legends
    MOBA: I can't think of a moba that isn't free, you probably know of League of Legends/Dota 2/Smite/Paladins/Heroes of the Storm
    Personal favourite: Pokémon Unite - mobile/Switch mini moba - shorter rounds and less toxicity (and Pokémon ^_^)
    Also noteworthy; World of Tanks / World of Warships (whatever you like more tanks or ships) and Rocket League.

    If you're just bored; ducklings.io as you never knew how relaxing collecting ducklings could be.

    And of course keep an eye on the Freebies group.

  • I personally spent a lot of time playing Rogue Company. It is available on consoles, the Epic store and now Steam. It is a 3rd person map based shooter, with game modes that are either 2v2 4v4 or 6v6. A bit slower than something like Apex, but for a smaller title I think it's pretty dope!

    It does have some bugs based on it being a smaller team behind it though, but I will say I've also heard great things about Splitgate!

  • Warzone, Valorant is 2 fps from the most played in this period if you searching FPS

  • TrackMania Nations Forever, Rocket League, The Orville - Interactive Fan Experience. However sign up via Steam to steamgifts.com and you can win some free games if you are lucky. Pay it forward when you can in future by creating your own giveaways on there too.

  • Pokemon Unite is a great suggestion! Waaay less toxic than other MOBAs and so cute!

  • Love all the recommends, thanks very much everyone!!

  • No problem  Do you have a favorite free game to add to the list?