Grand Theft Auto VI Trailer

Apparently the trailer got leaked, so ROCKSTAR Games decided to publish the official (on the official channel) early, here goes;
(protip; view fullscreen in 4K)

What do you think about; Release window (2025), the graphics, the city and the protagonist?

Are you as hyped as I am? Smiley

  • The graphics if that trailer actually contains game play footage and not just rendered cut scenes look good but you can't always tell. Also it makes me wonder whether the system requirements will be too demanding for a lot of hardcore fans of GTA V to migrate from that game to the newer one as per CS:GO to CS2 over all again

    The protagonist doesn't really matter too much if the game is as open world as GTA V where you can basically do as you want and play any type of character

  • Recommended specs:
    Ryzen 10999X4D
    RTX 6090 Super Ti turbo SLI
    And that's just for 1080p at 30fps 

    Jokes aside, it will like need extreme hardware to run nicely, and that's assuming they even properly optimize it. Time will tell here....

  • lmao, it wouldn't surprised me if the minimum specifications did get a bump to increase the VRAM minimum to at least 4GB for the GPU. As for processors possibly Ryzen 1600X / Intel 8th gen i5 8600k and above.

  • I mean it would be nice if half the wait time was actually spent in optimizing everything. Considering minimum specs of of most games getting higher now, I dare say this may need at least 8gb VRAM to play nicely. Though, they only ever showcase it's best look, not the one you're most likely to get.

  • Am I the only one who is getting some Bonnie and Clyde wipes for that couple ? 

  • They're more Natural Born Killers to me than Bonnie and Clyde

  • GTA V formula worked pretty well so I'm very optimistic about it.

    I hope peds density remains the same as the trailer, unfortunately we'll have to wait almost a year to get an answer from a gameplay trailer.

    Flamingos are beautiful Grin

  • Thought it looked really good. Actually a little hyped for it and I don't even really play GTA games. I like the idea of dual protagonists. But I know from bitter past experience never to base your expectations on an early trailer; especially one that doesn't show any real in-game footage. The idiotic comments from all the incels and bigot nutjobs screaming that it was "too woke" totally made me despair though smhUnamused

  • Pre-rendered smooth and all, but I do believe some scenes are real gameplay with the cinematic camera viewpoint we know from GTA V. And yeah go anywhere on the internet and you'll find people posting weird comments. Woke and Rockstar are two words that don't mix, lol.

  • The Trailer looks promising and the graphics are of course a huge step up, but I don't like the trashy atmosphere, perhaps it's just not my type of game.