Gaming experience?? we should know!!!!!

“Hey everyone, I’ve been thinking a lot about how gaming has evolved over the years. From the early days of Pong and Space Invaders to the immersive worlds of games like The Witcher 3 and Red Dead Redemption 2, it’s clear that technology has transformed the gaming experience. But I’m curious, what do you all think has been the most significant advancement in gaming technology and why? Is it the graphics, the storytelling, the multiplayer capabilities, or something else?

  • In my view one of the key reasons we have been able to get so far and get all these great games is the fact the gaming industry has been massively profitable. Its enabled more people from different walks of life to come into the industry to give us their stories. From massive budget games like GTA to indies we have a wealth of good and bad games. 

  • I think the most important change is game development being more accessible to the masses. In 2023, over 10,000 games were published to Steam compared to roughly 500 games in 2013. Game development is so much easier to pick up nowadays because game engines are so simple and tutorials are endless

  • I think it's the possibility to share your gameplay online. Of course gaming was already a big thing before, but recording your gameplay opened the opportunity to reach a broader demographic, which gave the whole gaming industry a huge boost.

  • I both like and dislike the connectivity we have gained via the internet. I really like to come together and play a game, now we are all in different parts of a country or even in different countries. 

    At the same time I love that I only need to look at an avatar and not the real person. I do not want to see how people dress when they are at home relaxing or even Imagine it. 

  • I also see the establishment and proliferation of high speed internet connections has meant we are seeing large 100GB+ games being easily accessible. Support for large updates also. On top of the distribution aspect, studios working on games are able to work across the globe with little friction except timing. 

  • I think the development over the years has been amazing, from seeing my dads Commodore 64 as a kid to playing games on a current gen gaming laptop. The evolution has been a treat for me as a gamer, but I think it is now stagnating.

    Graphically there are limitations to how much further it is worth pushing, especially when it comes to the cost of development and actually having the hardware to play it too. Then comes the game settings, we are seeing a mass for remakes because there's such an abundance of titles now that its rare for something new and genuinely awe inspiring. I am not saying there are no great games out there, but most setting shave been worked before, so updating classics to a modern feel makes sense but gamers are divided in whether they want to keep a classic a classic or see it reimagined.

    Some are even pathetically hostile about it, I was engaged in civil discussion about the RE remakes, 2 specifically. Purists cry that it changed too much and it was terrible, I and many others love what they did, it could have been a little better in some places but generally it was an amazing remake that captured the atmosphere of RE2. It then quickly turns to a mud slinging contest because of differed opinions, I have " low standards and poor taste/judgement" purely because I can appreciate RE2R for what it is and enjoy it.

    The market and the audience are pretty wild these days, personally im not sure I like where its going as we cant please everyone, but people seem to think they have more right to what they want over others. I mean I hate Fortnite, doesnt mean im gunna go an blast players for playing it, it's just not my jam. Mass online only games arent for everyone and I hope the scene stays varied instead of chasing the most popular thing atm.

  • Yeah I think its down to the availability of software for people to work on their own indie games and titles. Then also being able to play so many games online. Growing up, I played every game I could that was single player story driven and was great. But now even just being able to jump on a game that looks great but also jump on discord and chat with friends whilst they play something else 

  • This is a really good question. I have to say, when I first played multiplayer games with my buddies on LAN, it was kind of a mind-blowingly fun experience. Playing split screen and local multiplayer games on consoles like the N64 was always a very enjoyable experience as well, and I'll always have memories of Super Smash Bros games, or the first time I played the 4-player team deathmatch in Halo.

    But I think the most significant advancement was the advent of truly open world games, and it's hard to say exactly when that came around. I know games like GTA, Postal, and even older ones like Magic Carpet were relatively open world, or at least had significant open world aspects to them. For me, the most well-crafted open world game was probably TES: Morrowind, which honestly, at that point in my life, felt like jumping onto an entirely new planet, complete with politics, religions, ecology, mythology, and even different races. Maybe it's not an advancement, per se, but I think any game that pushes the boundaries of parameters (in both the technical and colloquial sense of the word) like that is going to appeal to people.

    My runner up might be something a bit rogue, but when Half-Life 2 introduced the Source Engine, and people saw the physics that the engine was capable of, it was really exciting. That's probably a really underrated advancement in video games that's at least worth a mention.

  • It's hard to single something out, since gaming has changed and mostly improved in so many ways. The graphics obviously improved the most. Story telling improved at first, but then didn't really improve anymore, with older games like Deus Ex, STAR WARS Knights of the Old Republic, Portal and Half-life having very good story telling. You can even argue that Wing Commander III/IV were peak story telling, with Hollywood-level writing and acting, but this was probably financially unviable and too movie-like for gaming.

    Multiplayer made a huge difference, although it also didn't really improve that much anymore. So I pick graphics because it keeps getting better.

  • I really love to watch streams, even more then I watch youtubes to find new games that I like and see if they are really what I imagined them to be or if the developers have cut corners I do not like.