What game do you regret buying?

What game do you regret buying?

Mine is: Jagged Alliance, I thought I would feel nostalgia, but I didn't

  • Anthem for me had so much potential and should have been released as a single player game rather than a GaaS. The flight mechanics were some of the best I've seen. It would be perfect for a Iron Man game. 

  • Chorus, it's a beautifully rendered and sound-scored game but I am really struggling with it. I just can't get my head around the mapping and target locations suddenly vanishing when you are supposed to be right on top of them according to the UI

  • I can not remember the last game that I have regretted buying. It is not because I do not buy game, but because I watch a lot of game footage and playthrough of games before I even go out and buy it.

    So the games I do buy tend to have a lot of replay ability and I love to test the hardest options or difficulty for the games I play.  

  • Diablo 4 was quite a disappointment for me. They don't seem to understand what people want from that kind of game.

  • Dishonoured.

    Followed the hype and expected much more of it, I found it felt too childish for what I expected. Much too simple and the story didn't grip me. I bought the special edition and sold it not long after.

  • Battlefield 2024: Without a doubt, the worst purchase in years. As a lot of people says, maybe the worst BF in history. Why if BF1 was so awesome?

    A deception full of bugs, the hitboxes are poorly made, there is poor content, 3 weapons in each category... the weapon recoils are a joke, any SMG has more advantage than ARs at medium.long distances. The "battle passes" don not even have a defined date, weekly missions with rewards that do not even make you want to do them. 

    If you want to try a Battlefield, now 1 or V are on sale!

  • Oh nooo, really? I loved every game in the Dishono(u)red series! Such an interesting setting and though you're right about the story being relatively simple, the depth they added to the characters made up for it in my opinion. Plus, all the tools and powers turn the game into quite the sandbox - no encounters, no matter how many times you play them, end up going quite the same way.

  • I bought the Assassin's Creed bundle a while ago, which included many of the AC games, and admittedly, I haven't finished all of them, but they are SUCH UNNECESSARY GRINDS! AC 3 crashed graphically and I couldn't even get through it, and when I got to Unity, I was trying to get total completion, but the game just stopped being fun... I had to uninstall to force myself to stop wasting time.

    Maybe the settings of Odyssey and Origins will allow me to appreciate the series more, but it seems like a lot of Ubisoft's flagship games (I'm thinking mostly AC and Far Cry) put in collectibles and random stuff that don't actually add to the enjoyment of playing, but just make the games take longer. That's not really great design, and it does make me regret financially supporting that type of game production.

  • Not a single one. But that might be because I've never peordered any game or bought it right after release, so that makes it definitely easier to avoid buying bad games.

  • That's the thing, I'd seen several play throughs of Chorus online including Ella's streams while she played it on Lenovo Legion Twitch and her personal channel too. Either they made it look incredibly easy or I'm doing something wrong. I may go back to it at some point and try again but the enthusiasm waned after one particular reasonably early game mission that to me just felt broken