What is Lenovo AI doing in general, also the AI in gaming - does it exist?

Hello, could you tell me something about the AI in the technologies as laptops, what is it for and how it works? 

  • This! It's gonna take a long time before we see these kind of changes, there's so many things that AI could causes issues in, maybe in thr next 15 years we'll see something really significant 

  • The term 'AI' is bandied around so much now... I find it a bit hard to say whether or not AI is really being used in Lenovo products. From what I've read, it seems like 'AI' should either learn, or be adaptable when faced with new stimuli. Like other people on this thread have already commented, there is some movement with processors allocating resources differently based on what they're doing, but I'm not sure if those are just pre-designated initially by the manufacturer using algorithms, or if each machine adapts to the way its user uses it (which would be AI, and from what I can tell is NOT happening). Lenovo is putting 'smart' chips in its computers, but I don't think they qualify as AI.

    Gaming is different. AI is being used to create whole games in some cases, but primarily, generative AI tools can just help with speeding up the development process in multiple ways. As for being implemented within a game itself, I've heard some talk about that happening, and I wouldn't be surprised to see generative AI-driven characters in newer games very soon. Later on, I'm sure AI could be implemented in ever more powerful ways, but I'm not sure people even know what that is yet. Just to be clear, there are already plenty of randomly generated aspects of games that are run by algorithms, but again, I wouldn't call that AI.

  • The IA is helping a lot  mainly on NPC with increasing the variety of actions,conversations and decisions trees, generates landscapes easily. May improve the actual algorithm existing. These are algorithms that can be trained with a specific data set, and they can readjust to different data sets.

  • I agree with you. So, AI maybe is something like a adaptive cpu instructions...and we still can't define it exactly. So, if you know the CPU instructions called AVX-512, they are "fixed" algorithm for much better calculating the numbers... (in processes with video decoding for example). So, AI maybe is something that looks like a cpu instructions, but is more flexible...