Your Proudest Gaming Moment?

From epic boss battles to flawless victories, tell us about that unforgettable gaming triumph that made you a true Legionnaire! TrophyVideo game #LegionTriumphs"

  • Probably finding out that Meryl's codec frequency was in the back of my MGS box. Took me ages!!

  • My first speed run in F.E.A.R. ages ago ,still one of my best games to date.

  • Finally beating Nemesis on the hardest difficulty, Inferno? I think.

    In all honesty, it was a labour of love, I wanted to get all the trophies on RE3R. I must admit, Inferno is just tedious. You can tell Capcom wanted to pad the game outnwith difficulties rather than actually delivering the expanded city they promised.

    Oooorrr getting S+ on RE2R on Hardcore. That got the blood pumping I tell you. Genuinely enjoyable too.

  • Winning two Trackmania disciplines of online multilap championships in consecutive years. Each follow the real NASCAR race schedule, arguably the schedule and points system is where the similarities end for one of the race disciplines as most of the maps are more hotwheels/arcade than oval or street circuit style. The other is truer to NASCAR with the ovals and street circuits used in the NASCAR cup series ran on the same weekends.

    For both though, it's an extremely demanding campaign racing the majority of weekends from February through to November and also why I now help out with the admin side of it and only race occasionally.

  • For me it has to be completing Castlevania in the arcade back in the 90s. No idea how many quarters I used during the run but it felt pretty epic, even if it drained all my allowance for the month.

  • I like to pick the verse group in the game and challenge myself to win with them. Mostly the odds are stacked really against them and you need to find ways around all those challenges. So my biggest moments are when I learn how to win whit the player or race that people would least like to play with. It is really hard to pick one, because then I am already looking for the next challenge.  

  • Interesting question.
    Perhaps winning with the worst team in a FIFA game against a friend of mine playing with the best game.

  • Surely you were using the Player 1 controller Smiley

  • Difficult question! Maybe the first time I've managed to win the original Resident Evil game. I was quite young and kept getting stuck in some of the puzzles so I was quite proud when I finally managed to finish it!

  • Of course, but to be fair, I was used to play that game on PC and he only played on console, so I had a huge advantage since we played on PC. Joy