Is Helldivers 2 worth it?

As the title suggests, is it worth it? The game looks really fun and I like watching all the vids and memes on tiktok but is it a game where it gets old after playing for a month straight? I don't want to pay 20 quid just to stop playing it after a month. 

For reference, Id be playing on PC.

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  • I'm enjoying it, it's definitely a game you can jump in and oit of and the Devs seem like they plan on adding more and more features. You get wrapped up in it, plenty of fun to be hand even with random online 

  • Whether it's worth it or not is something only you can decide. It's a personal opinion. I suggest watching streams etc of it and see if you enjoy watching the stream, as it's a good indicator of if you think it worth it. 

  • It looks interesting and the streams I've seen if you have friends with you it looks like a lot of fun. They have done a rebalancing which a lot of people aren't happy with. But that's the nature of this type of game. 

  • Oh Hell it's worth it

  • The first one was excellent, and everyone I've talked to about the second say it's even better.

    I dislike buying games right after they come out (because of the fat price tag) but this one might have to be an exception because ALL my Steam friends are playing it. I would go for it if I were you.

  • It depends if you like Starship Troopers mixed with Warhammer 40K, that is how I best can describe it.

    There are plenty of streams you can watch for free to get the feeling of the game and if your into hunting monsters and robots. 

  • I may have a look into this myself tbh, something to play with my lady.

  • From the streams I have watched you nailed the description. It really is an homage to Starship Troopers which seems to be received better than the actual Starship Troopers game found here

    There are still a couple of bugs of the other kind in Helldivers 2 so occasionally you will get stuck to the point of having to get your team mate to blow you up to continue with a mission or help you recover having fallen through a hole in the map. Hopefully those will be exterminated and democracy will prevail.

    As for the longevity of the game, I'd play it just for the jokes to be honest (which are also in the tips on the loading screens) so it depends really if they add more content going forward in future updates with extra missions, voice overs and cut scenes.

  • I gave it a go and my main criticism is it is definitely more of a game that you can play, leave and come back to, rather than something that hooks you in.

  • From what I saw it is, I just bought it