Is Helldivers 2 worth it?

As the title suggests, is it worth it? The game looks really fun and I like watching all the vids and memes on tiktok but is it a game where it gets old after playing for a month straight? I don't want to pay 20 quid just to stop playing it after a month. 

For reference, Id be playing on PC.

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  • Yes it, is sir, my brother is plaing it and  I'll play it too

  • So far I'm finding it really enjoyable. The team elements really add to the fun and the starship trooper-type theme is a great addition to overall atmosphere of the game.

  • 100%, based only on the shorts i see on youtube that makes my day better.

  • After checking the amount of hours necessary to finish the game and some gameplays, videos and trailers your opinion is the most important.

    if you're not sure yet maybe is a good idea to wait a bit, over time the game will receive updates for an improved experience and a slightly price drop

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    Agreed :)

  • Worth is very subjective to you but it does look fun but i think it will get old fast.

  • I think it works best playing with friends as then you can get up to antics without causing issues for a team of strangers. Also the whole starship troopers roleplaying is pretty cool.  

  • Only you can decide how likely you are to keep enjoying it. I'd say that the chance is pretty good, given that many other people keep enjoying it.