What's one feature you'd add to your favourite game?

From the simplest thing such as an UI change or a big one related to gameplay enhancement of your favorite game, what's one thing you'd add to make it more than perfect in your eyes?

  • Hmmm good question.

    One of my favorites is Nioh, but I just really enjoy it for what it is anyway. Maybe having some of the omnyo effects last longer...?

  • I love strategy games and would love to see a Space map in more 3D, all I have seen so far are 2D+ versions and not real 3D. 

  • Better graphics for the old StarWars X-Wing style games.

  • An RTX Remix would be nice or at the very least they could sort out the garbage P2P implementation because that has never worked properly in Maniaplanet. I guess there is a 3rd thing too, the way they deliver game updates or used to is not nice. You install the base from Steam or Ubisoft and then the game downloads a couple of gigabytes of updates internally. It would be better if they updated the installers when patches are released.

  • always choice based storylines for me

  • I wish more games would embrace the modding community. They could even get inspired (i.e copy) by some of the mods people create and put them into the game.

  • Definitely a coop or online mode for cyberpunk.

  • Resident Evil Code Veronica to get the remake treatment.

  • That i would say also...imagine the world of cyberpunk with other real players doing quests, hanging out and maybe doing dungeons or raids together. That would be awesome!!!

  • I would love to see Total War Warhammer VR so you can zoom around the battlefield and play out the battle. The game already have the function of firing artillery so you have direct impact on where it lands.