[Legion Listens] What type of gamer are you?

Gamers! We come in all shapes and sizes, with vastly differing tastes. Perhaps you enjoy a quiet, relaxing farming-sim? Or are you more partial to a no-holds-barred explosive shooter? We’d like to know a little bit more about what types of gamers you all consider yourselves to be!

Below are six definitions of different types of gamers, and we want you to tell us which one you most identify with.

Of course, choosing just one might be hard – after you’ve made your choice, let us know what others also resonated with you in the comments.

  • A little bit of everything except 'Achievement' gamer, there are some challenges that can only be achieved if you invest hours and extra hours to achieve them, and if you don't achieve them it can generate frustration, "Social game" since I enjoy playing with others but without wanting to compete (I tried it on LOL on first seasons and I got burned by competing in teams with people who didn't take the qualifiers seriously...).

    I love games that are about thinking, of a historical nature, investing in economy/resources, to be able to build your future, and to be able to negotiate, create alliances, defend yourself or attack others, like the vast majority of Paradox games (Hearts of Iron IV, Crusader Kings, Imperator Rome...), Age of Empires, Going Medieval. But a good game of action games to de-stress a little is good.

  • Wow, it really was hard to choose just one. I identify with at least one aspect of all of these labels, but I think the Achievement, Immersion, and Creativity tags are probably the most relevant.

    What's Lenovo looking for here? Are you guys going into game development? Smirk

  • I’m an FPS gamer – I enjoy fast-paced, bombastic games that revel in action, surprises and mayhem!

  • I enjoy games that allow me to hunt for collectibles and bonuses, and/or building up my character to powerful levels. Getting that 100% completion stat is my ultimate goal!

  • A difficult choice really. It entirely depends on the game and genre I`m currently playing as to which category I would fit into on the list.

  • I definitely identify with all of them except Mastery which I am not really bothered about apart from one or two franchises. So yes, very tough to pick one choice. I went for social because I still hang out with my friends and team mates most the time but do enjoy solo gaming too when I feel the need for some escapism and me time.

  • I mean... hard to say.

    I dont do strategy games but games like Dark Souls, Nioh, Bloodborne I see a little as mastery. Although fantasy and action they're not for the feint hearted.

    I rarely chase achievements, but if I really enjoy a game and they're not too draggy, then I'll try and get them as means to get more out of it.

  • My favorite games are first person shooters like Battlefield, COD, PUBG and Fortnite but i like puzzle games also

  • I find it very hard only to give 1 answer to this. I am a Immersion, Creativity, Mastery Gamer. I like to explore the world, specially if it is an open world. 

  • I  enjoy games that provide immersive worlds and a sense of community and sime extent of interaction with other players for competitions, cooperate and build friendships Grin