[Legion Listens] What type of gamer are you?

Gamers! We come in all shapes and sizes, with vastly differing tastes. Perhaps you enjoy a quiet, relaxing farming-sim? Or are you more partial to a no-holds-barred explosive shooter? We’d like to know a little bit more about what types of gamers you all consider yourselves to be!

Below are six definitions of different types of gamers, and we want you to tell us which one you most identify with.

Of course, choosing just one might be hard – after you’ve made your choice, let us know what others also resonated with you in the comments.

  • All of the above but very casual

  • I think I'm leaning towards being a mastery gamer, although I was every type of gamer one time or another. I just like to play games, what more can I say?

  • nice topic :) .. im little bit of most of it

  • I think I Am sort of creative and social gamer, I really like doing creative things like building and approaching game in more unconventional way with my own goals. However, I ready like to this with friends, mostly when I play is with my friends or sister. I hope there will be more creative co ops in the future

  • i like archivment specially on Steam

  • I'm a laid back casual pc gamer. I don't really play shooters (though I sometimes jump on cod or battlefield) so I just play adventure and rpgs games with a bit of survival sprinkled in there