From Disaster to Triumph: Which Game Made the Best Comeback?

Hey everyone,

I've been pondering over the rollercoaster journey of some games in the gaming industry, particularly those that started off as disasters but managed to make an epic comeback through bug fixes, updates, and DLCs. For me, the prime example that comes to mind is Cyberpunk 2077.

When Cyberpunk 2077 was initially released, it seemed like it was going to redefine gaming with its ambitious world-building and immersive gameplay. However, it quickly became evident that the game was riddled with bugs, glitches, and performance issues, especially on last-gen consoles. It was a massive letdown for many players, myself included. The backlash was intense, and CD Projekt Red had a lot of work to do to salvage the game's reputation.

But fast forward to today, and Cyberpunk 2077 has undergone a significant transformation. Through numerous patches, updates, and the release of substantial DLCs like "The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt," the game has become a much more polished and enjoyable experience. The developers listened to feedback, addressed issues, and added substantial content, turning what was once a disaster into a triumph.

Now, I'm curious to hear about your thoughts and experiences. Do you agree that Cyberpunk 2077 had one of the best comebacks in gaming history? Or do you have another game in mind that you believe had an even more remarkable turnaround?

  • I think The Witcher 3 is a perfect example of a company actually listening to their audience and making improvements.

  • Same company!

  • I don't know if it's so much of a comeback as just continuous improvement, but I think No Man's Sky's model of constantly adding stuff to the game has really allowed it to stay relevant even years after its release.

    Personally, I got a bit bored with the vanilla game, as after a few hours, you could really see through the procedural generation and exploring no longer became quite as wondrous as it was before. Then they started to do the 'expeditions' (mini campaigns with unique rewards featuring the newest updates in the game), and that really turned things around for me. I got back into the game, did a few of the expeditions, and ended up very impressed by all the features they added to the game since I had last played.

    The same thing is true with Cyberpunk, and I very much agree with you that CD Projekt Red breathed new life into the game. I think both No Man's Sky and Cyberpunk 2077 are good examples for the rest of the industry.

  • Yeah j agree Cyberpunk, but this was more on the board wanting to put the game out even though the Devs had told them it wasn't what they wanted or ready to put out yet

  • I agree with you that Cyberpunk had a rise but to me it's not that significant, I think there was a game that had comeback succes after a moovie was done on the game storyline,but don't remember the name.

  • from disaster to triumph there was no such event that i remember .All disaster games remained a disaster.Only remakes trnsformed some disasters. 

  • Definately agree with No Mans Sky, it was certainly the poster child for terrible game launches. But over the years since the developers never gave up on it and it has become quite a decent game now.

  • Yep, came here to comment NMS as well, I was so excited when the game was first announced. When it was released it was a massive flop so I didnt even buy it. Finally bought it in a steam sale couple years ago and its become an awesome game, great story but aso a lot of fun just to get lost in. Every update that comes out the game just get better and better. Well worth a play.

  • Cyberpunk really is a gem, every aspect of the game has been fixed and also improved over the updates.

    The game deserves more attention with all the new content added too

  • Gotta be CB2077, I enjoyed it after a about a year of release, it was still clunky but playable. It got so much polishing since then though. Really great overhaul of the game.