I enjoyed the Ori games, and SpiritFarer. Recs for similar?

Hi everyone,

I absolutely loved Ori and the Blind Forest, and Ori and the Will of the Wisps. Great little puzzles, amazing visuals, stunning soundtrack, and beautiful story.

Any recommendations for similar games to that?

Absolutely *adored* SpiritFarer, too. Would love something similar. 

Thanks all, and happy gaming!

  • I'm assuming you've tried Hollow Knight and Celeste? It's not exactly the same idea, but close.

    If you're looking for something more puzzle based with a similar vein to Ori, the Trine series are pretty solid side scrolling puzzlers

  • Spiritfarer was great. So peaceful to play and I was surprised I enjoyed it so much as I only tried it out of curiosity.  You might like 'Lapin'. When I saw the trailer for it the first thing that came to mind was Spiritfarer, looks similar stylistically. Noticed It's available free early access on Steam and Xbox/PC Gamepass.  'Somerville' might be worth a look too; it's a lot darker.but an engaging story.

  • The Last Campfire might be something you'd enjoy. It's a beautiful puzzle game that I can't recommend enough.

  • I second Hollow Knight and Trine!

    The Trine games are gorgeous in terms of visuals, and have a lot of interesting, mostly physics-based puzzles. I would, however, recommend that you play them with a friend or friends. Co-op is a lot more fun of an experience for that series.

  • My mrs and me played through Trine as our first 100% completion. On their own, the series is pretty bland and forgettable but with a friend or partner they're brilliant! Easy enough to get the hang of as well for non-gamers and some of the puzzles are just the right amounts of challenging that both gamers and non-gamers can satisfyingly solve them around the same time.

  • Dust: Elysian Tale. The game is quite old now, but graphics is top-notch imo, gameplay is smooth and engaging, I really liked that one.

  • My recommendation would be Gris. Beautiful visuals, amazing soundtrack, intriguing gameplay and a very captivating story even if there's not much dialogue in it.

  • Ooh that's a great recommendation. Dust is fantastic game - don't let the character design put you off, it's probably the closest title to Ori I can think of

  • I have to try and play spiritfarer..  i have ori games yet to play them fully.    have you played journey?

  • Did you hear of A Short Hike? I've found it adorable and majestic. Grin

    It's short, but touching and marvelous in its own way.