Looking for any recent(ish) games with similar gameplay to the old Warcraft 3 Tower Defence and Hero Defence custom maps from back in the day

I always loved the Warcraft 3 custom made Tower Defence and Hero Defence maps. I happily spent hours/days/weeks playing them back in the day. Can anyone recommend anything like those but perhaps something more recent?

  • I just saw that no one had responded to this, so I wanted to add my two cents! I am right there with you - really enjoyed all the WC3 custom maps. They were amazingly well done, and that editor was fantastically easy and fun to play around with. In fact, I wish almost every game had a map editor like it.

    Anyway, it's not a perfect replica, but I just stumbled across a game that has elements of both Tower Defense and Hero Defense. It's called Dungeon of the ENDLESS (part of the Endless series, I guess), and it's a variation on rogue-lites, TD, and hero defense. Again, not a perfect match, but it might be something to bring back some of that WC3 nostalgia. Hope you enjoy it!

  • Thanks for the recommendation  . Wasn't entirely what I was expecting but looks interesting. I've just seen something that says it has a "spiritual successor" out called Endless Dungeon which looks like it has a more modern look and engine. Might have to try them both out!

  • If you do not mind a less killing game, Against the Storm is a great game with good challenges and a bit more resource management. 

  • I wondered that too at some point since I was a fan of Green TD and gem td back in the day lol, I have tried some TD games on occassion and can recommend kingdom rush:


    It's not hte same kind of aesthetic as warcraft 3 but it's a very good game and can hold on its own.

  • I think Dota 2 have some tower defense mods. 
    legion td and bloons td is also a good mention 

  • Hey,

    I agree, got completely hooked myself when i tested tower defense customs map in Warcraft 3 back in 2009, the combination of strategy, economy and building tactically was a perfect mix.
    But over time, the focus of tower defense games has become that you only build towers and monsters that come in automatic waves and follow a set path.
    Still fun but certainly not the same challenge and gets pretty monotonous quickly.

    So in 2021 I started programming my own tower defense with inspiration from the masterpieces of the past.
    After two years, it was done Tower defense: Back to the roots was released on Google play. Feel free to check if it is something for you.

  • Do you mean by "Hero Defence"  "Horde vs Alliance", or was that a different game?