Looking for something similar to Mass Effect

The Mass Effect trilogy is easily one of my favs. I know people had mixed feelings about Andromeda but I still enjoyed it. Has anyone come across anything similar in terms of story, the galactic setting or the type of gameplay?

  • Not space but the dragon age games are very good. 
    Cyberpunk 2077
    The Outer Worlds
    fallout series

    Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic

    Gears of war 

    and of course the Witcher series 

  • Gameplay wise try Alpha Protocol or The Bureau: XCOM declassified. Neither of these are at the same level of Mass Effect but few games are. Also they are pretty old so you can probably find them for cheap.

  • If you haven't already played it, the Bioshock series has a deep story and sci-fi setting (not in space, though) and includes FPS and RPG elements.  

    Otherwise, the upcoming Starfield which is due for release in September this year will be the next big space-based RPG, if you're willing to wait.

  • Wow, someone mentions Alpha Protocol! Smile

    I've had such a blast with that game. The only cons of that game would be the tight linear story, so we can't explore the areas a bit more like in Mass Effect.

    However, the RPG elements in Alpha Protocol were strong. I remember I played stealth pistol agent and replayed until I would get everything played through without the enemies raising up the alarm. If I remember correctly, I gave up on the level where you need to invade the Russian black market/narco-dealer boss in his club. Figured there was no special reward for the stealth since the plot raises up the alarm anyway.

  • Try Deus Ex games for stealth playthroughs if you haven't already, they are usually good at that, many different ways to finish a mission, and its up to you if you just want to go in shooting or be stealthy, lethal or non lethal, etc.

  • I haven't played a single Deus Ex game. I know my brother has, but he didn't comment it too much...

    It seems cheap on sales so I'll see if I'll have time to do some play-throughs.

    Which one do you recommend? Which one's the best? Smile

  • I don't think there is any other similar game or franchise that incorporates all those elements with that level of quality. I mean, you could find most of the elements in many other RPGs, but rarely are they set in space. I guess the only ones that come close to incorporating all those elements are either Star Trek or Star Wars games.

  • I would try Human Revolution, it was a very well made game and IMO better than mankind divided. The old games are considered classics but I've never played them so can't speak about them, I'd love to see them remastered though.

  • It doesn't capture a similar sci-fi setting, and the gameplay is definitely not as... shoot-y, but if you're engrossed by the plot and characters (which is, in my opinion, what made Mass Effect so great), try the Dragon Age series. It offers similar character development but in a fantasy setting, and the plot is great. I say that, but I haven't actually played the 2nd and 3rd games, so I'm not sure if it holds true for those, but from what I've seen, they actually just made those games less hardcore RPG-ish and improved the combat, so they might be even more similar to Mass Effect.

  • Some games that you might like:
    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt


    Gears Of War

    The Technomancer