If You Like Dark Souls (and Elden Ring), Try The Surge 2

This group hasn't had any discussions in a while, so I'll throw one out here with a game that I've been playing recently.

If you like Dark Souls/Elden Ring, try The Surge 2!


I have a ridiculously long back catalogue of games that I venture into once in a while in search of something good while I wait for newer games to go on sale, and recently I stumbled upon The Surge 2. Now, I have zero idea about its presumed predecessor The Surge, but this game has, after a few hiccups, captured by interest. Imagine a plot somewhere between Dying Light and Prey - you're trapped in a walled-off city and some type of deadly 'plague' is spreading around. I won't go into any spoilers, but the story isn't bad. Although the game overall doesn't feel as polished as Dark Souls, it has some of its own character. I've listed some similarities and differences below, but overall, this one is worth a shot in my opinion.

How is it like Dark Souls:

  • You collect 'scrap' (aka souls) by killing enemies, which allows you to level up and upgrade items.
  • Enemies reset when you die or go into an upgrade machine (aka bonfire).
  • Weapons come in different types and with satisfying variety of different move sets.
  • Combat is punishing.
  • There are some brutal boss fights (although I will say, not nearly as hard as the DS series).
  • Other players can 'tag' walls similar to the ghostly messages of DS.

How is it different from Dark Souls:

  • Not as much in-game lore, or as many wacky secrets.
  • It has a slightly futuristic setting as opposed to a fantasy/medieval one.
  • The combat is slightly more rigid, but this can actually make it more fun at times.
  • It has a gameplay mechanism whereby executions cut off body parts, giving you upgrade parts for your weapons and armor.
  • You get a drone.

Anyway, if you've beat Elden Ring and are looking for some brutal melee combat that requires some skill rather than just clicking rapidly, this is a good little game to try out!

  • Nice. Gonna check it out. Can also recommend Star Wars Jedi series 

  • I'd recommend it too!

  • Good recommendation and comparison. ill have to give the Surge series a go. 

  • Thanks, I will check it out. 

  • Thanks for the review. Still have to play Elden Ring, though.

  • You know. I had seen this and ignored it before becausenI didnt want to go digging to what it might be. You have given me enough reason to actually check it out. Thank you.

  • I have tried the surge and a few other soulslike games like mortal shell and the star wars game but I can't play any of them for more than a few hours, they just don't compare to the original dark souls IMO.

  • Ooo i'm loving the sound of the game from what you've said, i'll have to add it to the list of games to try next! How is it for difficulty compared to elden ring?

  • Good shout! Just watched a review on YouTube on the back of your recommendation. Might have to get round to trying it if I can ever get through my own back catalogue of games. Joy

  • Thanks for the nice recommendation and well written comparison . I'll give the game a go at some point!