Looking for a new 4X game

I love Civ6 and Crusader Kings. I did not care for Humankind or Europa Universalis. My computer is ancient, so very intense games are a no-go, but can anyone recommend a 4X game that they really love and tell me why it's worth buying? I recently saw one that sounded fantastic on Steam and for the life of me, I can't remember the name of it. Any recommendations appreciated.

  • I don't know if it was Old World you were thinking off but it looks decent and has reasonably low requirements. Steam served it up in my discovery queue today and if you don't look at those queues I highly recommend it - store.steampowered.com/.../

  • does Ark count maybe? I've always heard really good things!

  • Sins of a Solar Empire was good fun for a while when I used to play it, that was years ago though and I haven't played any more recent versions or DLCs.

    Does Tropico count as 4X? Probably not but thought I might mention it as probably the next nearest thing I've played to 4X games that I can remember. I've played 3 and 4 I think but not 5 or 6 yet.

    FYI if 4X is really your sole thing, there is a reddit for it where you might be able to find some game suggestions - www.reddit.com/.../

  • Sid Myers Civilization: Beyond Earth is one of my favourites. It's just like Civ but set in the future after humanity leaves earth where Civ ends. It's kinda old now (2014) but means it should be cheap in the stores, have lots of community mods love and should run on a potato.

  • Well i would recommend Galactic Civilizations, i've been hearing about the game but would love to play aswell.

  • Check out the Age of Wonders series. It might not be exactly what you're looking for if you're into grand historical strategy, but if you're willing to venture into the fantasy realm, it's an amazing game and incredibly fun and customizable. If your pc is a bit old, you probably won't be grabbing the newest one, AoW 4, which comes out soon, but AoW 1, 2, and Shadow Magic, are a lot of fun if you're fine with old-school graphics, and 3 and Planetfall are gorgeous games - one keeping the fantasy setting and the other jumping into sci-fi with the same gameplay. I absolutely love the whole series.

  • The classic heroes 3. 
    Big games like civ 6 and Stellaris.

    mage of wonder 4 just came out.

    Endless space and legend is also good games. 

     Not straight 4x but Total war series is good. Warhammer is my favorite 

  • Perhaps one of the Anno games? I always enjoyed those.

  • Potato, haha! I always called it a toaster (it's a home build), but Potato is a brilliant description of it.

  • YES! That's the one. Thank you so much. There's even a demo available, which I'm downloading now.