If you like Adventure horror games.. Try this "the forest" and "the sons of the forest"

Firstly everyone loves adventure games right !?  and.. who doesn't want to experience the frill and enjoyment of getting spooked for fun . RIGHT! !!

I know everyone heard of this game before, but i just need to confirm this game to anyone who's still waiting to get this game . ?  WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR ??!!!!!
the developers made this game affordable the game has triple A finish for the price of a average size game , hours of adventure game play , Great story < at least for me it was. The survival aspect of this game will shock u how good it is a unique building in "the sons of the forest" bosses and ENDLESS MODE with many quirks . if you have the money to waist on some boring ass games where you do nothing put pay for useless instalments every month making you feel like you spending a fortune on the game then get your ass of those games and play the forest. 

There is many games i would encourage, but if for whatever reason you didn't hear about sons of the forest then I'm telling you , no excuse now lmao  

oh yeah also there are guns in this game now hilarious and super fun. 
I could talk and Talk about this game it no end its truly a masterpiece so i do encourage everyone to at least give it a try, the developers are generally modest and respectful and they kept there word while many big names brands cant deliver on the smallest promises this developing team when far beyond what they promise and proved they are a trust worthy team so if you still thinking  about it just search the reviews. 

really recommend it 

  • Interesting recommendation, ill have to give it a look. Its good to see they're taking feedback on and improving the game also.  

  • Thanks for the review. I would put a little more effort in spelling & grammar, though.

  • Mmm, I may have a closer look at some reviews and gameplay. Im picky as hell usually so wouldn't want to buy a game I'll not play. Be fun to play co op if possible. Spook my girlfriend Smiling imp